Welcome to the Floorball Guru Podcast.  Here we dive into a deeper conversation about all things Floorball.

Floorball Guru Episode #1 - Floorball Awareness

Welcome to the first podcast at Floorball Guru. In this episode we discuss Floorball awareness and growing the game.

Floorball Guru Episode #2 - Event planning

In this episode we talk about things to think about when putting an event together. Putting an event, program, or tournament together takes a lot of time and planning. You want to make sure you're setting yourself up for success by focusing on the details.

Floorball Guru Episode #3 - Floorball equipment choices

In this episode we explore Floorball equipment. There's a variety of things to consider related to equipment. Here's some things to think about when choosing equipment

Floorball Guru Episode #4 - Coaching USA U19 Women's Team

In this episode we discuss the experience surrounding the U19 Women's World Floorball Championships. The Ups/Downs, and everything in between. We talk about what the hopes are for the future.

Floorball Guru Episode #5 - Floorball and Intramural Sports

Across the country intramural sports plays a vital role on campuses. Most schools play the traditional sports, and at the same time are looking for new and exciting sports to engage a broader population. Floorball can be a sport that does that.

Floorball Guru Episode #6 - Teaching Floorball

In this episode we discuss teaching Floorball while exploring the challenges and development to finding your voice as an instructor

Floorball Guru Episode #7 - Floorball and Unified Sports

In this episode we talk about Special Olympics Unified Sports and the potential role Floorball can play in engaging more athletes.

Floorball Guru Episode #8 -Floorball and Hockey

In this episode we talk Floorball and Hockey. Floorball and Hockey aren't the same thing, but complimentary of each other.

Floorball Guru Episode #9 -Floorball and Alternative Training

As athletes and coaches we get too focused on developing athletes within out sport. I argue that we should be doing more to build athletes by using other sports and avenues for training.

Floorball Guru Episode #10 -Youth Programming

We discuss youth programming and development, and the importance of both.

Floorball Guru Episode #11 - Building Your Teaching Style

In this episode we discuss the challenges and keys to developing your personal teaching style.

Floorball Guru Episode #12 - Sticks in Hands Matters

In this episode we discuss the importance of getting sticks in hands of potential customers in order to grow, engage, and develop the sport.

Floorball Guru Episode #13- Floorball and Hockey

In this episode we talk about the relationship between Floorball and Hockey, and inquire about what that relationships might be in the future. The major hockey associations know about Floorball, but haven't adopted it yet. Why?

Floorball Guru Episode #14 - Special Olympics and Floorball

In this episode we discuss Special Olympics and Unified Sports, and how Floorball can be part of including persons with disabilities in recreation programming.

Floorball Guru Episode #15 - Sponsorship

In this episode we talk about sponsorship and the distinctions and differences that they can have for your organization

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