The Floorball community is growing throughout the United States, and the World.  There are a number of established groups and organizations playing.  This space is designed to highlight what's happening around the country and help connect people.

 Play Floorball

Floorball is a great way to get active and engaged.  It can be played almost anywhere and on any surface.  It's a great sport for Intramural Programs, youth sports, and off-ice hockey training.  It's truly a sport for all.

Floorball Education

Floorball is a relatively new sport in the US, and there is a concerted effort to inform and educate people about the sport and it's benefits.  Throughout Washington these session have included Universities, Elementary, and High Schools, and private organizations.  We're constantly working with groups to build the sport.

Unified Floorball

Floorball is a recognized sport through Special Olympics, and was introduced as an official sport at the 2017 Special Olympics World Games.  Special Olympics of Washington Athletes were introduced to the sport through a demo during the 2017 Winter Games as a Unified Sport.


*Photos Courtesy of Special Olympics Washington

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