Anywhere, Anytime Sport

Floorball has spawned some interesting variations aside from the traditional game.

What you might not know is that floorball is equally suited for a number of locations and climates.  With some tweaks to the rules you can play floorball anywhere and at any time.  If you want to play floorball in the water you can.  In fact it’s being done already in Europe.  Basically they set up a rink with noodles and play in knee high water.

However, the two versions that have stuck out to me as being a bit more interesting include beach and swamp floorball.  You heard that correctly.  Much like sand soccer floorball’s counterpart beach floorball is fairly popular.  In beach floorball there are no goalies and they use smaller goals.  The rink is effectively cut in half with players playing in bare feet.  There are no penalties but if the ball leaves the field a free hit is awarded.

Unlike sand floorball swamp floorball is played in the muck and in many cases uses hay bales to line the rink.  The size of the rink is around 25×15 meters, but unlike sand floorball the goals are bigger at around 2 x 4 meters.  In swamp floorball there are three players and a goalie.

In either manner the focus for the variation on floorball is about having fun.  I’m not sure what sounds fun about playing floorball in a swamp, but to each his own.  While the biggest concern I have about sand volleyball is sand in the face I love when people think outside of the box.  While there’s always a competitive spirit behind sports when you can change the atmosphere from the norm it can almost level the playing field.  While both sports tend to stick to Northern Europe I wouldn’t be too surprised to see some of these pop up across the US as the floorball gains popularity.  I could easily see a sand tournament played in California attracting a decent crowd on the beach.  Speaking of sand, sun, and floorball that sounds pretty good to me.

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