Are you looking to get into Floorball?

How do you make decisions? Is it largely based on need, desire, or is it something else. Some of your decisions may vary depending on you job, or the situation you’re currently in. It begs the question. How do you make your decisions? What do you find most important during your decision-making process? For the conversation let’s inquire into why you might want to consider playing or starting a Floorball program.

There are lots of choices to make if you’re looking to get into Floorball, especially if you’re thinking about turning it into a business. Some of the first questions I get are, what stick(s) should I get. By and large introductory sticks are all more or less the same. Who or where you buy them from in large part becomes mostly a preference.

Why should you pick one over the other? It’s a preference for many based on their specific priorities in the moment. Are you looking for a specific stick from a specific brand? Maybe you’re looking for a certain color? Maybe it’s a preference on a straight versus curved blade? Typically price also plays a big part in the process too. All these things may factor into your overall decisions to start out. This is the same process whether you’re an individual looking for a stick, starting a business, or a school looking to add a new program to the physical education curriculum.

The retail aspect of the sport is an important component in the evolution and development for Floorball. People need to get their hands on the sport and more importantly elicit an emotional response through it. Businesses are constantly looking to tap into the emotional response. Hopefully that initial purchase is the start of a life-long involvement in the sport. The hope is that such a purchase is not a regrettable one. This leads into another part of the process, education and development.

What interests someone in starting anything new? For many it’s the introduction to the sport through any number of means. Maybe you learned about it through social media. Maybe you participated in a demo or was invited to play with a friend. Either way, if you found it you’re likely looking to learn more about it. Learning to play the sport as defined is crucial. Once you understand the game, and it’s nuances you understand it’s value. The more educated you are the more likely and prepared you’ll be to teach others. To me that is the far more valuable component to this equation. While the initial purchase of equipment is part of the process, the long-term goal should be to educate and then develop players, coaches, and officials properly.

Part of the process is to figure out what your goals are, and how you plan to achieve those goals. Making the purchase is just part of the process, just as getting educated is. Personally, I think the education process is crucial to long-term growth and development. It’s one of the reasons why I created this business, and work to help to teach others the same things to be successful. Success in this sport for one is success for all. Whatever your process is I encourage to get started and join in.