Board Tactic Techniques

You can play Floorball without the boards. But it won’t be as much fun.

Part of what makes floorball fun are the boards. While they’re not required to play recreationally, they do help when learning to play the sport as intended.  In many cases there are a boards can be substituted by using walls, tables, fences, and almost anything to be creative.  I’ve been working with some fire fighters and we’re looking into using old fire hose to create a rink.  At Saint Martin’s University we use our two partitions to create a rink.  While it’s not perfect it certainly does the job.

I’ve found that for most the boards are an undervalued aspect of the game.  Aside from helping to contain the ball the boards can be an effective tool throughout the game.  When using the boards on offense it takes a little bit of knowledge to understand of angles.  The angle at which the ball hits the board will equally reflect the angle it leaves the boards.  Being able to accurately use angles during your play can help your gain an advantage.

As a game progresses players become more accustomed to their opponents’ style of play and can begin to key in on how a player moves.  It’s important to keep your opponent guessing by changing up how you move the ball and progress through the field of play becomes key.  If a defender is directing the opponent towards the boards the offensive player can play the ball off of the boards and run around the defender.  Another scenario might include needing to use the boards in order to complete a pass to your teammate.

Use of the boards can become helpful on the defensive side as well.  A lot of times players will use the board as an added defender closing down space and making it difficult to get past.  If played correctly these techniques can disrupt the offense, or create turnovers and counterattacking options.  However, a word of caution to using boards.  While the boards can be helpful they can also create turnovers with the ball going out of bounds, or if the angle isn’t correct can put the ball in a dangerous position.

However you choose to use the boards in your playing style it takes time and practice to become accustomed to how the ball plays off of the boards.  It will also take communication between teammates in order to effectively add the boards as part of your overall strategy.  Simply put, when done well the boards can be an effective tool for players on the court.

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