Branding, A Piece of the Puzzle

Start a business they say. It’ll be fun and easy. Ok, whoever says that is clearly lying to you, though hopefully it’ll be fun, it certainly won’t be easy. Some of the key components to the process is branding. Not just coming up with a log but thinking through every aspect of what you’re doing to represent your brand. That matter a lot.

If you’ve been following me over the years, you know that I’m passionate about Floorball, and getting kids engaged in the sport. This is not a sport that I grew up playing, though I wish I had. I came to the sport later in life, but I see what it is and what it can become, and I’ve been working to build it ever since. Everything that’s been done in the business has been built around that focus. Get people playing the sport in any way possible.

The first part of that process was branding the business. Aside from that the focus was carrying out our goals and mission. We spent a lot of time teaching and growing the sport in our local area. As possible we traveled and spoke at a number of local and national conferences promoting the sport.

What sets Floorball Guru apart from other businesses in Floorball right now is our focus on education, specifically through developing as much free content as possible. What’s transpired over the years has simply been adding more and more to the repertoire. We now have a full lineup of branded content from written, video, and audio with our favorite piece getting to write and publish a book on Floorball. The Floorball Guru Primer was everything I wanted to develop. A resource that anyone could read to learn, teach, and grow Floorball on their own.

The brand continues to evolve as we’ve opened an online store selling our own branded apparel and equipment. This process has been a challenging but a necessary one to support our overall reaching goals for the growth of the sport.

Every aspect of what’s being done is designed to promote and grow the sport and the brand. The more we’re out there promoting things the more likely people become familiar with Floorball, which helps get it on people’s radar. Everything needs to be thought out and have a purpose. Whether people consume every aspect of your brand doesn’t matter. What matters is that they consume some part of it. All of it is part of the broader piece of the puzzle.

As we move into the future we’re excited to continue to grow our programming, content, and resources to help others start programs in their areas.