Building your teaching style

Teaching anything takes more than knowledge of what you’re teaching.  It takes an understanding of who you’re working with and how they learn.  It also takes a willingness to never settle, and to constantly work on your craft.  As people become more aware of Floorball it’s been fun to see who reaches out.  I never know who is going to contact me with interest in getting involved in Floorball.  While I tend to set up demos for various groups and organizations in some case I’ll get someone to reach out to me.  I love to teach and while I’m not and educator I do spend a lot of time teaching or coaching a variety of topics from sports to business.  It’s something I’ve had to work on and build but the experiences I’ve learned along the way have helped me craft my own style.

If you’re reading this you’ll get the inside scoop on something that I think is really important.  If you want to be a good teacher, coach, administrator, etc.  Observe others in your field, profession, etc.  Watch what they do, critique how they present a topic, how they approach a room, a group of people and pull from that something you’re not doing that you see value in and starting doing it.  I call it stealing.  It pops up if you’re paying attention.  It could be a way someone frames a game, or skill, or just how they interact.  When I catch a moment like that I do a mental note and the next time I can I try it out for myself.  Needless to say it doesn’t always work, but at the very least I learn from it and can work to make changes the next time.  I love watching how someone instructs because you can quickly see the ones who know what they’re doing and if they’re effective or not.  You can also spot the ones who aren’t quite there.

I can tell you I didn’t learn much of this overnight.  In fact I spent a solid 5 years working, volunteering and coaching to develop this aspect of my life.  In doing so I have been fortunate to learn from many people who have helped shape my teaching style into what it is.  The fun part for me is that I know I’m not done, and hopefully never will be.  I’m constantly learning, growing and stealing strategies from others to change the way I think and see the world so I can more appropriately approach a situation as it arise and gain a positive outcome.

What’s surprised me over time is how applicable these skills have been outside of simply coaching or instructing.  I’ve used the strategies learned in business, personal life, and when engaging with him two boys.  As Floorball Guru continues to develop and grow I’m hopeful that I can continue to learn, grow, and have opportunities to help others develop their own style.

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