Consistency is key

Whether you’re learning something new, building a program, or growing a business consistency is key. This is one of the harder things for many to do. That may mean or look a little different for everyone. However, it’s important, nonetheless.

Part of the challenge with growing a program or building a business is finding out what your customers needs are. If you’re selling a program versus a hard-good product, this can take longer to figure out. While you can spend a lot of time doing research sometimes the best route is to just get started.

When I started teaching classes I picked Thursdays as the route to go. The main reason for that decision was based on what worked in my schedule for my day job. A few things happened as a result. First, parents signed up for the program/day because it worked in their schedule at the time. Second, those who weren’t able to join a specific session started to build their futures around that program. While there are potentially better days to offer a program, I did what worked for me and I have found customers to adjust accordingly. If customers see value in your product/program, they will make the necessary changes to conform to what’s available.

Over the course of three years the Floorball programs I run are not only consistent throughout the year, but both day and time. Developing my programs around this has helped build community, but more importantly allows parents to add it more effectively into their schedules as they think about what to put their kids time into. Pre COVID-19 in the spring of 2020 our programs, over 3 years had grown from 20 kids to over 50 through 5-6-week programs.

 Nothing happens overnight. Everyone hits different markers at different times. What take years for some may only be months for others. The important thing to remember is not compare your journey to someone else’s. There are a lot of variables at play. I would argue the importance of remaining consistent in your approach as a result.

If you’re building something how are you doing it? Are you utilizing all of the resources and tools at your disposal to make it happen? Do you need to change your approach? If it’s a message issue, is it clear? Do people know who you are and what you provide? Before you stop and make excuses, what are you doing throughout the day to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success? There’s a lot of time in the day and a lot of it is wasted. I’m just as guilty of it as everyone. However, I do make sure and buckle down and put in the work at night and throughout the week to get done what’s needed. That may seem insurmountable for some, however, being consistent with it makes things easier down the road. Keep at it, and keep moving forward.