Continue to Evolve

Most of business is about expanding. That can mean very different things to everyone because no business follows the same path. This process has been an interesting one for me. When I first found Floorball I thought the most direct path was teaching. I still believe that is the best method to grow the sport. So, I set out to do just that. I’ve been teaching Floorball to kids in my area for three years. It has been consistent and over time I’ve been able to figure out what the ebb and flow throughout the year.

The second part was built around developing content and resources on Floorball. In the early part of this process I spent most of my time focusing on writing blogs about my experiences, knowledge, successes and failures. My hope was to give people information they would need and hopefully a path they could follow to start playing and teaching. Overtime this process has evolved as well. At times I’ve just put my thoughts out there, and other times I’ve been able to highlight others around the country to expand the voice of Floorball. The more I wrote the more I felt comfortable with what I was doing. This led to writing a book.

The evolution of the book too time. When I started I had an idea of what I wanted. I never thought it would evolve into what it became. The more I tinkered with it the more I found I wanted to say. Through this process it helped flush out new ideas on topics I wanted to explore. While I enjoyed writing the book and the process the most challenging part was the end. I had read it so many times, and had others do the same that by the end I was tired of reading it. All that work paid off in my mind with a book that has helped and will continue to help others learn and play Floorball.

Still I looked to push things further. In time I launched an online training course for referees. I know from experience that having trained officials is key to selling the sport as leagues and tournaments form. To help win over colleges they needed to have resources they could use to train staff. Putting on a event is more than just having people show up. You must have a total package to provide a quality experience and officials are a huge part of that. To help with that process I decided to develop an online training course. I felt the focus should be on giving people enough information and material to be successful without cramming too much information on them. See, where we’re at right now most people don’t know the sport at all. It’s important to give enough information and training to build a solid base of understanding, then build it from there. While this process fits my overall focus on education, training, and resources it was vastly different from anything I had done before.

Here lies the current step in the evolution, retail. From the beginning I felt that to best distinguish the company from others in the market was to be different from the others. While all of them promote education of the sport, their true focus is built on selling equipment. At that time, I didn’t want to compete and instead focus on simply providing value in the free content on my website, videos, social media posts, and book. However, as more people have become interested in the sport they’ve reached out to me to get started. To get started they need equipment. Now that I had developed a following and base It was a natural progression to start looking into selling my own equipment.

While none of it is a guarantee that things will be successful I would be a fool to not at least investigate the opportunity to evolve my brand. Will all of it work out? Nothing is ever certain. However, I think it’s important to be constantly aware of where you’re at and where you want to go. Sometimes heading down a new path while potentially unsuccessful might lead you in the right direction to go after all. The last thing you ever want to do is stop evolving.