Continuing to Develop in the USA

Over the last few years more and more people continue to learn about and find Floorball throughout the world. This trend continue to grow throughout North America and is starting to have an impact. We’re thankful to play a role in that awareness and development.

Hopefully you’ve heard about Floorball, and more so, you’ve have a chance to experience it firsthand. When people do witness Floorball for the first time, they see it initially as a substitute to the floor hockey they grew up playing on elementary school. You’ll hear comments like, “we played that in school” and/or “it was my favorite activity”. Depending on where you live floor hockey, deck hockey, ball hockey, whatever it’s called opportunities outside of school to continue playing. However, in many areas it isn’t happening. While it’s promoted in schools and played for many that’s the last time they’ll play.

Why isn’t it more popular and played across the country on a larger scale? What role does Floorball play in evolving the sport into a more established program?

In the beginning, and still to this day floorball is a grassroots sport. While played on a larger scale in pockets around the world it’s still working to gain hold in the sports world. While more people are catching on to the sport it’s still currently building off of this model. 

The USA Floorball Association is the governing body for international competition recognized by the International Floorball Federation.  The USA team is comprised of Men and Women, and U19 Men and Women.  Currently the national team is comprised largely of foreign based players.  The majority of players come from various countries, and a small handful from the US. Forming the National program has helped raise some awareness of the sport, along with competing in competitions such as the IFF World Floorball Championships, and the 2017 (Poland), and upcoming 2022 World Games (Birmingham, Alabama).

These marquee events are one piece to the puzzle. While it’s great to have these opportunities most players won’t have that chance. Instead focus should be on developing a consistent growth in player. This is done by creating education, starting programs, teaching the sport, and developing emerging leagues for players to play and develop. This is happening throughout the country by individuals, like ourselves, who are passionate about Floorball. This is what’s needed in the long run. The challenge we face as a sport is figuring out how to engage and empower more people to join in the cause. One person or business isn’t going to make or break things. We need a plethora of people working on this in their local areas for it to ultimately work.

Will it work? We’ve been successfully teaching, developing, and building Floorball programs in Lacey, WA. We’ve shown time and time again that there’s a place for Floorball in the sports market. We consistently have kids between the ages of 7-13 showing up to learn and play Floorball. The impacts it’s having on kids is quite positive. It proves that the model not only works, but that kids and parents are looking for alternative sports to engage with. We’ve spoken at length about this and will continue to act on it as well going forward. Will you join us?