Court Grabbers & Floorball Guru Partnership


January 17, 2018

York, PA & Lacey, WA – In an effort to grow the sport of floorball throughout the US, and provide players with more resources to make better equipment purchasing decisions, Court Grabbers and Floorball Guru announce the creation of a new partnership. This partnership will focus on educating players to make the right equipment choices to enhance their game.

Court Grabbers, located in York, PA, Court Grabbers are a super lightweight equipment that lace onto your shoes to allow you to instantly restore the World’s Best Traction to your shoes at any time on the court, during play, without using your hands! No more slipping on the court or wasted energy constantly wiping your shoes for traction.

“Our equipment allows you to instantly clean your shoes and restore game winning traction while you are on the court, during play, without using your hands. Court Grabbers® allow you to elevate your performance and play safer. We’re excited to work with Floorball Guru to help Floorball players realize their full potential on the court.”

  • Steve & Seth McLaughlin, Co developers, Court Grabbers

Floorball Guru is based out of Lacey, WA, and is focused on educating and developing floorball across the US. Floorball Guru posts weekly blogs and other resources designed to help individuals, clubs, and organizations develop and grow floorball.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to partner with Court Grabbers.  I’m always looking for products to increase my game on the court in any sport.  I found Court Grabbers and was intrigued.  I love the idea and had a chance to use the product, and I’m hooked.  I play on a wide variety of surfaces that are left desirable and this product helps.”

– David Crawford, CEO Floorball Guru

Be on the lookout for equipment reviews through Court Grabbers and Floorball Guru’s official social media accounts.