Developing your Floorball League

Floorball for all intents and purposes is a grassroots movement.  You may hear that term thrown around a lot.  It’s a simple buzzword that at least helps people quickly ascertain basic information about what’s happening.  While Floorball isn’t mainstream it’s certainly gaining traction and popularity.  You may have caught the Floorball fever and are looking into starting Floorball in your area.  You may even see the financial potential in bringing a new, inclusive, and fun sport to your region.  Be mindful, as any venture it’s filled with pitfalls, struggle, and success.  While many people think they’ll take it a run with it, they usually find it’s a long hard road.

Now that I’ve encouraged you I want to spend some time talking about thinking about a league.  Leagues are events.  They’re a great way to build a sport while providing value to the community.  While you may have visions of grandeur about how many people will join your league be realistic.  While it can be helpful to have ice hockey already established in your area it doesn’t mean you’re Floorball league will automatically take off as a result.  While it’s likely you’ll attract hockey players it is less likely you’ll do so during their season.  If you’re able to do a season throughout the year it’s more likely you’ll attract them in the off season.  In fact I’d recommend marketing that specifically to hockey teams.  Ice is expensive, and it’s a good idea to get them off the ice in the spring and summer.  Floorball can certainly bridge that gap for them.  Even if you don’t have a hockey community near you Floorball can still be successful.  It’s about building community, showing people the value they will get playing and have fun doing so.  It’s all part of your strategy to take it from the beginning and growing it.

While you may have already spent time developing your business plan nothing will happen unless you’ve secured space to run the league.  Frankly that should be one of the first steps before you spend much more time on the project.  All the planning and marketing in the world won’t help unless you have a place to play.  Unfortunately, if you’re just starting out you’re likely already behind the curve.  It’s likely that there are already organizations and other sports who are already established in your area.  More often than not they’re already fighting for the same space and time that you are, and are more established.  As a result you may need to get creative.  Look at what’s available and do what you can to make it happen.  Sometimes just getting in the door is more important.  There’s always times and days of the week where facilities are slow, and they will be happy to fill the space and time.  While it may not be an ideal day or time it gets you in the door.  It’s all about creating relationships and biding your time.  While I’m not rooting for people or businesses to fail, I am ready in the wings and waiting to step in should an opportunity arise.  Be ready for just such an occasion.  Depending on where you are with your league or program a change in day of the week or time could significantly increase your overall participation.

There’s no way around it.  This new venture of your will take time, money, energy, and grit.  If you’re able to come up with an effective strategy, build positive relationships, find advocates to cause, and volunteers you’ll be able to build if from a grassroots program into a something that can impact your community and beyond.  Prepare to fail at times, but learn from it, pick yourself up and keep pushing forward.  I’m rooting for you and if there’s a way Floorball Guru can assist we’re here to help.  If you’ve been thinking about it stop.  Start doing it, make 2019 the time that you act and bring your dreams to reality.

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