Don’t be a finish liner

You might be wondering to yourself what is a finish liner? Seems like and odd statement to make. Just about everyone knows who these people are. Whether it’s working on a group project, planning and event, or starting something new there are people who help and people who help themselves.

Make no bones about it, to be successful you have to put in the work. Sweat equity is crucial, and while not always fun, without it nothing will get done. The problem is that there are often people around you that want in on the action without putting in the effort. They’re more focused on how they look along the way rather than get their hands dirty doing the work.

These people are happy to interject their own comments and thoughts into the process whether they’re warranted or reasonable. They typically provide nothing in return, but rather waste time in an effort for them to feel part of the process. A finish liner is someone who gives little to nothing but looks to take everything. This is done less to further and improve what’s happening, but more to either pad their ego, or advance their agenda at the expense of others. The trap people fall into when dealing with this type of person is that they don’t want to cause conflict even though conflict is already there. For many it can be an uncomfortable situation to deal with and they may not want to seem like they’re being too difficult to work with. The reality is that finish liners understand this and may play that to their advantage.

I’ve been developing programs and been at the grassroots of development for various things for many years. I’ve seen this in other jobs, and other projects. This shouldn’t be new to most people. I’m assuming as you read this a few names or memories are popping up from experiences you’ve had as well.

When I first saw Floorball I was hooked. I saw the potential and impact it could have in the world of sports. From that moment on I have been working to make that a reality. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to have worked with people who share that same idea, or a version of that idea. While the approaches may be different everyone has different goals, outcome, and methods to reach those. At the very least I respect those who are actively putting in the sweat equity. I have no core issue with them, what I have an issue with are finish liners. I’ve heard it time and again through various channels about how Floorball should and needs to grow. While many people are happy to interject their ideas the percentage of people who act or even try is staggeringly low. For some, if they try they’re quick to give excuses when things aren’t working, and eventually give up. Sure enough they’re happy to keep interjecting opinions without action.

I’m not alone in this quest. There are many people out there doing the work, and putting in the sweat equity. Some are friends and some are competitors. Regardless, I can appreciate what they’re trying to do because they’re actually out there doing. We need more people to get their hands dirty and get the work done. More can be done if we focus less on what we get and focus more on the overall outcome. Be a doer, don’t be a finish liner.