Enlivening The Routine

For many players, even Floorball can avoid monotonous and routine training of other sports athletes.

While routines are great they can lead to players losing interest in their development.

At the time changing the training schedule can have a positive impact on the team as a whole.  In many cases this can be in the form of varying drills or more open play during scrimmages.  Training also needs to vary off the court too.  While many may focus on weight and cardio training it’s equally important to train smaller muscles and improve overall flexibility through Barre and Yoga training.  From a team standpoint that will likely mean contracting with a local instructor to come in and teach basic principles of these fitness skills.  This isn’t unusual as many athletes train in these skill sets.  For the NFL many players take ballet to improve strength and flexibility in their core.  While many players think sport specific in their training there are a lot of training techniques out there that are valuable for athletes as a whole.

I’ve used floorball in this way to change up the routine for collegiate athletes in basketball, volleyball, and track and field.  While those athletes are very much focused on their sport floorball in this manner is used to add a fun component to their training regimen.  Each coach comes at it differently in the end they know their athletes will still get a workout in that day.  The important things to take away is that players are learning new skills, working different muscles, having fun, and building comradery with their teammates.

When we change the environment or even the goal of the day we allow more opportunities to learn and grow as people, athletes, and teammates.  As a coach or player it’s important to take the time away from the routine.  For many the season is long and the work put in the off season to develop athletes and teams takes a lot of time and commitment.  I would recommend that coaches and players look through their training schedules and consciously add in time to mix things up.  The benefits may not be readily seen in the beginning, but can come out later on during the season when it’s really needed.

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