2017 Salming Q5 CC 27 Floorball Stick

Size: 96cm

Flex: 27

Blade: Q5

Blade Hardness: Hard

*Recommended for the shooter

Shaft: Round

 Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5

On the court this month we’re testing the Salming Q5 CC 27 stick. For those familiar with Hockey, the Salming Company is the product of Swedish NHL Hall of Famer Borje Salming. The Campus XPLODE is an entry level stick retailing around $139.99 USD. The stick comes with a singular tactile grip; while the blade is pre-curved for left or right handed players. The color of the stick is a mixture of blues and yellow with a white grip and yellow blade.




My first impression of the Q5 is positive. It’s lightweight and very sturdy in my hands. The stick is a carbon composite with a flex rating of 27. This is on the higher end of a stiffer shaft, and requires more torque, or downward force, to engage its full potential.  Being a bigger guy I tend to flex the stick a lot while shooting and it noticeably retained power in my shots.  If you’re not used to a 27 flex it will take an adjustment period to get used to as opposed to sticks well less flex. I tested a 96cm stick, which is border line small for me, but it’s more of a preference really.

One aspect I really liked was the blade. The shaft was nicely paired with the Q5 blade.  This is Salming’s 5th version of the Q blade and features a single cavity along the entirety of the face of the blade.  You’ll notice a solid area on the blade that make a V. Salming describes the area located in the center of the blade as the sweet sport, and is designed for precision shooting.  The Q5 blade also has a slightly thinker frame which helps with overall stiffness which aides in accuracy during shooting.

Overall impression

Initially I wasn’t sure how this one would feel.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Q5 platform from Salming, and I was interested to try it out.  The 27 flex is not my preference I prefer a 29 for its versatility for my playing style.  With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how this stick felt.  While the shaft is stiffer I felt it was very responsive.  What you’ll notice right away is how much more you have to compress this stick during shooting to create the spring needed to propel shots effectively.  It took a bit of time to get comfortable with this set up.  I liked the Q5 blade a lot, especially for shooting.  The stiffness in the blade really helped more than I thought I would.  While the harder blade makes it a bit more challenging with hard passes, one-timers, wrist shots, and slap shots felt really good.  As far as accuracy goes I think it certainly helped having a stiffer blade to keep it on target.  A lot of it is mechanics and repetition, this set up certainly will improve that process.

Don’t let the price tag steer you away from considering this stick.  If your style of play is shooting you need to have a stick that will respond quickly and this stick is good for that.  I found in tight spaces having a stiffer shaft and blade allowed for better overall responsiveness when shooting.  If you’re currently using a 30-32 flex you’ll notice the difference, and you should anticipate a learning curve so give it time.  Once you’re comfortable with it you’ll notice increased performance in the long run.