Fat Pipe Boom 29

2015 Fat Pipe Boom

Size: 96cm

Flex: 29

Blade: Boom

Blade Hardness: Medium

*Recommended for technical player

Shaft: Round

Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5


On the court this month we’re testing the Fat Pipe Boom 29 stick.  The Fat Pipe Company is based out of Finland and has been growing in popularity over the last few years.  This stick is an intermediate level stick retailing around $99.99 USD.    The stick comes with a singular tactile grip; while the blade is pre-curved for left or right handed players.  The color of the stick is a cross between turquoise, blue, and pink, and the graphics are loud and fun.


My first impression of the Boom 29 is great.  It’s lightweight and solid.  The stick has a flex rating of 29, which I have found to be my overall preferred flex.  With a bit more stiffness it felt more comfortable in my hands.  When shooting you want to let the stick do the work for you.  I tend to flex the stick a lot while shooting and it is seamless in retained power in my shots.  Right out of the packaging I was off and running.  I tested a 96cm stick, which is boarder line small for me, but it’s more of a preference really.


The Boom sticks is paired with the Boom blade, which is large and has a slight curve to it.  Personally I prefer a bit more curve on my blade.  However, the nice thing about Floorball sticks is that you can customize the amount of curve to suit your playing style.  The tip of the blade is designed for good handling and dribbling.  In the end this stick and blade are great for shooting.  In action the blade is very responsive and fun to play with.  This stiffness of the blade is a medium, but closer to hard versus soft.   The stiffer blade helps hold the shape during flex and retain power when shooting.  I really liked this performance I saw from this combination and I felt that it responded to my movements.


Overall impression

I enjoyed using this stick.  This is not an entry level stick and it shows.  It provides a number of performance features that will help intermediate to advanced players advance their skills, while helping to improve their game.  I will mention is that it’s a hard (versus soft) stick and blade combination.  A harder set up makes accepting passes and controlling the ball a bit more of a challenge, but gives you more power on your shots.  If that’s more of your style this is a good stick to look at.  If you’ve been playing with a 30 or 32 flex stick you’ll quickly notice the performance.  Overall this is a great stick for the price, performance and will help direct you on the features that will enhance your game as your progresses.