2018 Salming Oval Fusion

Size: 103cm

Flex: 27

Blade: Quest

Blade Hardness: Medium

*Recommended for the shooter

Shaft: Oval

Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5

On the court this month we’re testing the Salming Oval Fusion.  The Salming Company has been around for some time and puts out a variety of sticks with varying technical aspects.  The Oval Fusion stick is on the high end intermediate to low end professional level stick.  The stick comes with a singular tactile grip; while the blade is pre-curved for left or right handed players. The color of the stick is a mixture of blues with bright orange accents. The shaft is Oval at the heel turning rounded about half way down.  The Oval Fusion retails for $94.99. That might give you some sticker shock, but with higher costs comes more performance.  Is this the stick for you?


My first impression of the Oval Fusion is positive.  I was interested to try out this stick because I personally prefer the oval shaft to the round or square.  It is noticeably lighter than some of the other sticks I’ve used.  That doesn’t necessarily mean it is better.  The Oval Fusion has a flex rating of 27, and is noticeable stiffer than sticks with a flex of 30.  While using this stick the harder flex is noticeable, and requires a lot more technical precision to get the most out of the stick.  This stick comes in a few sizes and I tested a 103cm stick, which is my preferred length.  What sold it to me was the shaft.  Paired with a comfortable grip I felt I could generate more power in my passes and shots.  However, I wasn’t too keen on the initial set up of the blade.

Overall impression

I enjoyed using this stick. It felt and had the performance features of an elite stick without the price. It provides a number of performance features that will help intermediate to advanced players get the most out of their equipment.  I wouldn’t recommend this stick for new players because it requires a decent amount of skill and technique to access the performance capabilities of the stick. I love the oval grip, it’s my preferred style and it felt great playing with.  The only thing I didn’t like was how the set up between the shaft and blade worked. Really that was a personal preference and playing style.  This set up will be a noticeable change if you’re used to stick with more flex, but once you adapt to it you will see the added performance.  You’re might see some sticker shock $100 for any piece of equipment can be a lot.  However, the performance you’ll see from this stick is worth a consideration.