2015 Oxdog Fusioun 32
Size: 96cm
Flex: 32
Blade: Block
Blade Hardness: Soft
*Recommended for technical player
Shaft: Round
Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5

On the court this month we’re testing the Oxdog Fusion 32 stick. Oxdog Floorball is another brand in the market to try out. The stick Fusion comes with a singular tactile grip; while the blade is pre-curved for left or right-handed players. The color of the stick is orange, black, and white; a perfect mix of color for the fall. While the stick is orange it won’t blind you. In fact, I think they did a nice job on the color scheme.

My first impression of the Fusion was a good one. It carries a bit of weight to it at the end, but we’ll discuss that later. The stick has a flex rating of 32, which isn’t my preferred flex, but was still quite responsive. While I felt a reduction of power due to the higher flex, I did notice consistency during a sweep shot. I think that had more to do with the blade in the long run than the shaft on its own. Right out of the packaging I was off and running. I tested a 96cm stick, which is boarder line small for me, but it’s more of a preference really.

One thing you’ll notice about this stick is that Oxdog has added some weight directly to the end of the stick.  I have seen this before but have never had the opportunity to try it out until now.  Oxdog calls this their SBS (stick balance system) and allows the player to add or remove weight from the end cap to customize the balance point of the stick.  A little heads up, the weight is already attached on the shaft, and the lighter cap is zip tied to the blade upon purchase.  I played with this function a bit, and I clearly noticed the weight difference between the two choices.  I can say I didn’t dislike it, but it did seem a little gimmicky.  In the end, the SBS didn’t seem to hurt the functionality of playing with it.

Overall impression

This is not an entry level stick, and it was one I enjoyed using.  It will definitely be in my bag as a backup when I play.  It provides a number of performance features that will help newer to intermediate players advance their skills, while helping to improve a better feel for the ball.  If you’ve been playing with a 32 flex stick and like what it has to offer this is a nice step up from a beginner.  Overall this is a great stick for the price, performance and if you already know some of the features you prefer will allow you to better fine tune your overall set up.