OxDog Shift 27

Size: 101cm

Flex: 27

Blade: Avox

Blade Hardness: Medium

*Recommended for all-around player

Shaft: Round/oval

Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5

On the court this month we’re testing the OxDog Shift 27. The OxDog Shift 27 comes with a singular tactile grip; while the blade is pre-curved for left or right handed players.  The color of the stick I used had a mixture of orange and black on a white background. Not a design that pops color wise, but I really liked the overall look. OxDog has a comprehensive lineup of Floorball sticks and equipment to offer all skill levels. The OxDog Shift 27 retails for around $100.


Out of the box I liked the initial look and feel from the stick. It’s a low key clean looking design. I liked the simplicity choices made for the design. The stick has a flex rating of 27, which I’ve found to not be my preference, but this one surprised me. I was impressed with the overall weight of the stick, though on their rating system of materials it ranks 8th. 8th! That means they have 7 others sticks that are event lighter! If you didn’t know, Floorball sticks are pushing the boundaries on how light they can be while still providing the highest performance. One feature I like is that I can add or take away some weight (they call it SBS, stick balancing system) from the hilt if I so choose. I preferred to keep the additional 20 grams in the hilt. OxDog states the shaft has a medium fast kick speed. They claim to have three levels of shaft kick with this being the lowest. I’ll have to fine the other two to compare.  I’m not a small guy at 6ft 240 and I tend to flex the stick a lot while shooting. It noticeably retained power in my shots and felt really fluid throughout the shooting motion.  I was able to get my hands on a 101cm stick, which is my preferred preference for stick length for me.  

The shaft is lightweight and set at a 27 flex. I found the shaft comparable to other manufactures. However, of the ones I’ve used I preferred this one and so far is one of my top choices in the 27 flex category, but again that’s my preference. The stick is paired with the Avox blade. As blades go I like how this one feels and performed. I like the large face and angle which OxDog claims is designed to help improve shots. I think it’s hard to say to some degree, but I did like this blade.

Overall impression

I like this stick. Of the sticks I have in my bag, or haave tried, I would reach for this one. In fact, I look forward to making this my go to stick for the time being. Anyone can use this stick, but to get the performance out of it takes a bit of learning and skill. It provides a number of performance features that will help intermediate players advance their skills, while helping to improve a better feel for the ball.  Overall this is loaded with some unique features and I would certainly consider it if you’re in the market for an intermediate to advanced stick.