Flex: 30

Size: 96cm

Blade: Ace

Blade Hardness: Medium

*Recommended for all-around player

Shaft: Round

Floorball Guru Rating: 4 out of 5

Onthe court this month we’re testing the UNIHOC SNIPER 30.  UNIHOC is a Swedish company that is the leadingFloorball manufacture of Floorball equipment and has been in operation since1972. The UNIHOC SNIPER 30 comes with a singular tactile grip; while the bladeis pre-curved for left or right handed players. The color of the stick is a mixture of blue, black, and white thatcarries a clean look. The SNIPER 30 is part of a long line of sticksmanufactured by UNIHOC, and this stick is in their basic collection. The UNIHOCSNIPER 30 retails for between $39-45 depending on the size/length of the stick.


Out of the box I like the initial look of the stick. It’s a clean looking design.  The stick has a flex rating of 30, which I really like. I normally play with a 29 or 30 flex especially and this is a good step up for older/newer players to transition into. While the stick is part of UNIHOC’s basic collection it provides some good performance, especially for the price. I’m not a small guy at 6ft 240 and I tend to flex the stick a lot while shooting. It noticeably retained power in my shots and felt really fluid throughout the shooting motion.  I was able to get my hands on a 96cm stick, which is boarder line small for me, but it’s more of a preference really.  

The shaft is lightweight and set at a 30 flex. I found the shaft comparable to other manufactures with the same flex. I’ve tested and played with a number of 30 flex sticks and I felt this performed quite well. Depending on the brand I preferred this one, but it isn’t my top choice in the 30 flex category, but again that’s my preference. The stick is paired with the Ace blade. As blades go it wasn’t my favorite, but I did like how it performed. There is a slight hook on the toe that helps provide a bit more control for developing players. It’s not my preference for a blade, but I did like it as a component to a beginner/intermediate level stick.

Overall impression

I enjoyed using this stick.  It was clear to me that it was designed to be a beginner level stick, and performed accordingly.  It provides a number of performance features that will help newer to players advance their skills, while helping to improve a better feel for the ball. If you’ve been playing with a 32 flex stick you’ll quickly notice the performance between the two.  Overall this is a great stick for the price and will help direct you on the features you prefer in your own game.