Unihoc Winner 35

Size: 87cm

Flex: 35

*Recommended for beginners

Shaft: Round

Floorball Guru Rating: 3 out of 5

On the court this month we’re testing something a little different. We’ve come across the Unihoc Winner 35 stick. The Winner 35 is a low end entry level stick on the market. At this time the Winner 35 can only be purchased as a set of sticks, which is ideal for anyone looking to buy in bulk for their program.


My first impression of the Winner 35 is positive.  It feels like many other entry level sticks I’ve tried. The stick has a flex rating of 35, which is fairly soft as flex goes. That’s not a bad thing, especially if you’re a younger or beginning player. As a larger adult this is too soft for me, but it’s not intended for me so I won’t hold it against that.  This review was a bit harder to do because I had to rely on the feedback from others using it.  I played around with it a lot and I like the feel, but the set I got was 87cm which is rather small for me at 6ft. I usually play with a 96cm or large, but I made it work.

I teach weekly youth classes so I was happy to get this in my kids’ hands. They really liked the color scheme of the stick. A lot of times when you see green on things its more neon and I liked that they went with a softer green and black combo. The grip is comfortable, and when the kids weren’t picking at the end while I was instructing they seemed to like playing with it. The stick is paired with a straight blade making this stick combo more versatile as an instructor. Usually I have left and right handed sticks so having a straight blade makes it easy for kids to just grab a stick and go. It’s not a deal breaker for me one way or the other, but it’s a nice option.

Overall impression

I like this stick. While it’s not something I’m going to grab and play with personally that wasn’t the focus of my review. I like how the stick feels, and being a softer flex it makes it easier for younger players to get the full performance out of the stick. Flex of sticks in developing players is a preference, and some may argue one over the other. In the end most don’t know the difference or care. It will get the job done. As an instructor it’s nice to have the option to buy sticks in packages. This package retails for around $349 and includes, a bag and balls and is another option for those looking to go this route. I teach a lot and I like having everything together to travel and set up to minimize downtime. This package was great.