What Is Floorball?

Floorball is a type of floor hockey using five field players and a goalie.  Games can be played indoors or outdoors using a rink.  A traditional court is 40 meters by 20 meters.  Games can be played for three 20min periods, or two 15 minute periods.  Floorball is similar to hockey but with some key differences. Players are not allowed to stick check, stick lift, or go through the opponents stick to dispossess the ball.  Overall body contact is minimal.  Floorball can be played by anyone and everyone regardless of age or ability.  Floorball can easily be adapted to suit your playing or training preferences.  Floorball is a recognized IOC sport and Special Olympics Sport. Why play Floorball?

Can I Use A Hockey Stick?

Unfortunately no. Floorball has its own specifc equipment.  A floorball stick is comprised of carbon and/or fiberglass materials and is sized to the players stomach.  The blade is comprised of plastic and players may slightly modify the curvature of the blade to suit their playing style.

Does Floorball Have A Governing Body?

Floorball is governed internationally by the International Floorball Federation, and govern all aspects of the sport from rule creation, changes, and international competitions.  The IFF hosts the most prestigious floorball tournament, the World Floorball Championships.  In the US there is the USA Floorball Association which  run the Men, Women, U19 Men, and U19 Women's National Teams.