Floorball at the State Games of America

Floorball is gaining some ground in North America as more and more people are getting exposed to this sport. There are a number of tournaments and events happening in North America showcasing what this sport is helping to encourage more people to get involved in the sport. The Women’s World Floorball Championships were held in Detroit Michigan in 2019, the U19 Men’s World Floorball Championships will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2019, The World Games will host Floorball in Birmingham, AL in 2021, and Floorball will see its first inclusion in the State Games of America in Virginia August of 2019.

State Games of America? Did you know something like that existed? Honestly, I didn’t until this came up. It’s hard to keep track of all the different tournaments and events out there, so if you didn’t know about it don’t worry.

So, what are the State Games of America?

“The State Games of America is an Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners (gold, silver, bronze) from across the nation. There are currently 30 states conducting or organizing statewide sports festivals known as State Games, and the event is hosted every two years (on odd years).”

This year the event will be in Lynchburg, VA, and floorball will be part of the competition and will have multiple divisions available for participants. USA Floorball, which hosts their annual U.S. Nationals tournament (typically at the end of Aug) will use this event as this year’s U.S. Nationals tournament, and are hoping to showcase Floorball.

“This is a great step forward for the US Nationals and floorball as a whole in the states. We are very excited to see what this will mean for the growth of the tournament” Says Executive Director Adam Troy.

As the sport of floorball continues to grow this event can help raise more awareness about floorball as a sport, but also showcasing a great event. If you’re in or around Lynchburg, or just want to experience a unique opportunity make sure to check this event out.

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