Floorball Event Planning for Success

Hosting an event is quite the undertaking on in its own right.  It takes a lot of time, planning, energy, and resources to put it all together.  If you’re lucky the event takes off and is a success, if you’re not it has the potential to cost you more than you might be willing to cover.  As in any event there are a number of boxes that must be checked off prior to the start of the event, and in many cases needs to be confirmed months or even years in advance.  While running a tournament sounds like an easy thing to do it is not, and will require dedicated and detail oriented people to make it come to fruition.

The goal for any event will vary based on the mission of the organization.  How will the event meet our organizations mission?  Where will you run the event?  What’s our budget?  Is the goal to make money or break even?  It’s quite the undertaking and should not be done lightly.  There can be a lot at stake for the organization.  It’s difficult enough to build an event from the ground up, but a poorly planned and run event will make things drastically more difficult.  It’s all the more important to make sure that you have a solid team behind you to help your event go off without a hitch.

When starting anything new it’s best to think through the processes needed to get things going.  How you approach this will vary depending on your organization and the availability of space and resources.  For many the most difficult aspect to an event include finding a suitable space to host the event.  While floorball can be played on just about any surface the ideal locations include gymnasiums.  Some things to consider is that you may be at the mercy of what you can find, afford, or it may be based what’s available.  You may want to consider the time of year you’re planning your event.  If you’re planning on an indoor event you’ll likely be competing for space during the traditional academic school year due to school sports and other competing organizations.  In many cases summer tends to be more ideal, however, you’ll want to confirm whether school gyms are open or available in the summer.  If you haven’t thought of it already before you approach a facility to rent you’ll most likely need to have some sort of organizational liability insurance.  I’ve found that many facilities require a minimum 1 million dollar individual to 2 million dollar general aggregate, and the facility will want a certificate naming them on your policy.  This is a simple step that requires a phone call to your insurance broker, and is usually part of the overall facility contract.

Events, leagues, and tournaments are great ways to get people involved in the sport and your organization.  I would encourage everyone to reach out to local business to create partnerships, but also to help defray the costs and increase your overall brand exposure.  At Floorball Guru our experience working to start and sustain long term programming can help you along the way.

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