Floorball Growth and Development in Virginia

Floorball is growing around the USA, and there are a number of programs and businesses that are working on the grassroots level to spread the word.  One such person is Katie Brown out of Richmond, Virginia. Katie is a strong advocate for Floorball with experince playing at the Women’s National Team level, and has been working to develop Floorball in Virginia.
How did you get involved in Floorball?
I loved to play hockey growing up as a child. As an adult I really started missing the sport and started to look for a way for me to play without high risk for injury. While searching online, I found social leagues were hosting floorball games and quickly became a fan.
What compelled you to start a Floorball program?
Creating RVA Floorball the first league in Richmond, VA for children to play Floorball was a fun process. I have always been an athlete and my desire to create a youth program started when I traveled with Women’s National team in 2015 to play in the WFC.I have been working in child development for the last 13 years in the classroom and the gym which really helped me create a youth floorball program.
What makes Floorball appealing to kids and adults in your area. 
Adult and children here in RVA love Floorball, we have some really great Leagues here that keep it fun and safe.
The sport  floorball is a fast pace, no contact and  similar to many other sports including hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer which everyone can relate to. It doesn’t take long to learn the rules for floorball, plus it requires very little equipment, and can be played in many settings as a co-ed sport.
What are some highlights so far from your Floorball program?
We are currently hosting Free Floorball Clinics monthly with River City Sports and Social Club, who host an adult floorball league here in RVA, to help educate the community on floorball and to provide fun activities for families in the area. We have a couple of programs that we offer, like weekly clinics over the summer for children to come play, and leagues during the school year,  We also offer cross training to Hockey teams in the area, year round, to work on their stick handling skills.
For more information please check out RVAFloorball.com or find them on Facebook or Instagram at RVAFloorball
What does the future hold for Floorball in your area?
Floorball is currently growing here and I hope to see that the growth continues by including the youth in the area.
What advice would you give to other individuals or businesses looking to start a Floorball program?
Not to worry about it, to have fun, and to just get started.

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