Focus On The Basics

Like all new experiences teaching Floorball to beginners takes time and patience.

If your players are complete beginners, it’s important to not worry too much about their overall play.  I can guarantee it won’t be great, but you might have some players who catch on quicker than others.  One of the best things to do when starting out is to get everyone sized properly with a stick and a ball.  The first skill to start on is helping them get comfortable working on their stickhandling.  Because floorball equipment is lighter it may take a little getting used to in the beginning.  It’s not uncommon for players to have difficulty controlling the ball in the beginning.  Make sure to continue to encourage them and remind them to have a soft touch.  As you begin to progress into movement with the ball continue to challenge them along the way.

Depending on the amount of time you have for instruction you can start right away scrimmaging. Players will likely be excited to get playing so it’s important to keep things basic in the beginning.  For beginners, the most important rules to cover include stick heights, stick contact, and fouls.  In a matter of minutes, you can start scrimmaging.  When I’ve used this format I’m normally coaching as the scrimmage happens.  When sticks go above the waist or a foul happens I stop play and use that as a teachable moment.   Eventually as the players progress you can continue to add more specific rules to of the game, as well as introduce more skills to challenge your players.

When players have a basic understanding of the rules and overall game play they will be able to more increase their overall knowledge of the sport.  The more they know and understand the better the overall gameplay will be.  These things will help improve players’ enjoyment of the sport.  When looking to grow the sport of floorball the initial focus should be on safety and fun.  The other aspects of the game will come, but it’s completely understandable that it will take time.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun it is to teach others, and in the end, you’re passing on a passion for the sport.

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