Get Started with Floorball

Have you heard about Floorball? Hopefully you’ve been seeing more and more videos, posts, and content about the sport. Maybe it’s brought back some nostalgia when you played floor hockey growing up. Here’s two things on how it’s different. First, the equipment. Second, the rules of the game.

The first step in the process is learning and understanding the sport. If you watch a game, check YouTube, you’ll notice the skill and precision. Understanding the rules helps in the learning process. As with anything, the more expertise you have in your undertaking, the better result you will achieve. Take the time to understand this sport on a basic level.

Before you go out and buy equipment you’ll want to understand what it is you’re buying. Most people starting out will likely want to buy an entry level stick. These sticks price between $30-50. They tend to have a softer flex (higher number, softer the flex). Flex is a preference for each player and it takes time to understand how they differ, how they can affect your game, and what works for your style of play. Sticks are made of fiber glass, carbon fiber or a mix, and include a plastic blade. They can break so be aware of it.

If this sport is new to your area you’ll spend a large amount of time educating friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who’ll listen about the sport of floorball.  My experience has been to focus on small gatherings in order to help teach the rules, game play and ensure a fun experience.  For the most I’ve been focused on the informal process to get people to attend and play.  Once people get a hang of the rules and how to play the level of play will increase accordingly.

However, you decide to start don’t be discouraged.  It’ll likely take some time to get people connected and aware of the sport.  Keep pushing and talking about what you’re doing.  If you’re able to you might want to think about running youth classes as a way to grow the sport in your region.  The important thing when starting out is ensuring an inclusive and fun environment for all to partake.  Now get out there and start your group.