Floorball Guru Rating: 5 out of 5

On the court this month is focused around field equipment rather than sticks. When possible I love getting my hands on all sorts of things for Floorball. Some of it is great, some of it not so much. I travel a lot and because of that I’m always looking for things that will pack down nicely for storage in and out of the car. This time around we go our hands on some new goals. You may be thinking, so what? A goal is a goal. I beg to differ, because I’ve spent some good money on goals that are basically junk, and others that continue to stand up over time.


I use a variety of goals in my programs, from small 2×2 ft. goals to official floorball goals. The goals we’re reviewing is the 60x90cm / 24in x 36in Collapsible Goal.  This particular goal retails for $89. I’m not going to lie. $89 is not cheap, however, you won’t regret buying these goals for your program. The goal have a metal frame with two arms that swing out to create the free-standing goal frame, and fold in making it flat for easy storage. The size and material of the goal will ensure that it holds up to regular abuse, and should last a long time. I like the overall weight, size and look of the goal

Overall impression

For me this will always be a staple in my teaching and playing arsenal. I think the cost is worth the product that you get in return. If you already have goals and it works for your program stick with that. If you’re in the process of buying some new goals I’d definitely give these a look. I do wish they folded down a little bit smaller, but it’s not a make or break. The only downside I see is that I don’t see these goals holding up to other sports like soccer, so don’t purchase them thinking they’ll work for other sports.. All in all I love this product.