Goalie Training 101

The Floorball Goalie can be one of the key areas where you can train ultimate athletic defensive play. But only if you get those who want to serve as goalies.

Remember, your athletes will want to focus on offense skills for Floorball. Getting young athletes to become goalies is the challenge as a coach you’ll have to make.

At the youth levels in many sports one position that tends to be forgotten is the goalie.

On a team full of field players most teams have only two goalies.

With practice time a premium for focusing on offensive, defensive, and tactical play training the goalie can get lost in the shuffle.  Sometimes coaches don’t know how to teach goalie play, or don’t see the same value in goalie training as the rest of the team.  Sometimes it’s all of the above.  The goalie is a crucial aspect of the sport and it’s important to ensure that time is spent helping train and build goalie skill from a young age.

For coaches just starting out there are a number of simple skills to start on to create the base.   As the goalie develops the training can evolve into newer skills and challenges.  For new goalies the first thing is making sure the feel comfortable moving while wearing the equipment.  It’s important to make sure that goalies spend time warming up and stretching focusing on the hips, hamstrings, and back.  For a basic warm up goalies should be comfortable sliding side to side on their knees covering post to post.  The next progression for a warm up can be hand eye coordination with a player lightly shooting at the goalies hands allowing them to catch the ball.  From there the progression can move to covering post to post while taking shots and so on.

There are a number of things to think about and in many cases this sort of training can be done while the rest of the team warms up.  As the team progresses through training it’s important for coaches to remember to use the same opportunities to instruct the goalie.  Whenever possible encourage goalies to be working on mobility front and back and side to side off the court as well.  Along with these skills consistent training focused on body position in relation to the ball and the goal will also be important.

It’s important for coaches to find the time to help develop goalie.  It will ultimately help them as they get older, and like many sports a solid goalie helps build confidence throughout the rest of the team.  At the same time make sure that there is an emphasis on safety especially in regards to time when a goalie is in a position where they could get hurt.  Encourage all players to avoid contact with the goalie as much as possible.  Even though they wear protective equipment it’s not the same as hockey goalie equipment.  Either way encourage and challenge young goalies to improve and increase their abilities.   Whenever possible get create and think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to look to other sports for training techniques as well.  There’s lots of information out there on the topic to help you out.

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