How to start marketing.

How’s your marketing? Are you entrenched in the muck of trying to figure out what to do, or where to start? There’s so much out there, and in an every changing landscape it can be hard to figure out what will work. How do you get started?

Step 1: Figure out what you want to say

Too often people start off with an idea, but aren’t sure how to carry that forward. A lot of people have some really great ideas and experience, but aren’t sure of themselves, or aren’t sure how to go about developing content. I can tell you that I’ve struggled with these feelings as I’ve worked to develop my business, which is based on this principle. Will people want to hear what I’m trying to say? Will they they hate it? What if I come off looking like an idiot? Lots of people feel that way, and it typically stops them from their potential. Some people fear stepping out of their comfort zone because they fear it won’t work, or they’ll look different. Isn’t that the goal of marketing? Sell your product or service, but be different. Stand out from the noise. Can you effectively answer the question on why you’re different from the other guys? Either way start answering the question and get creative with it.

Step 2 : Develop content

When I talk to people about this they always say, “I wish I could do that, but…” Really what they’re saying is that they’re looking for an excuse to not do it. We talk about it all the time. When you’re not good at something you need to practice it. If you’re not good at or confident in writing then write! Figure out what you need to do and just do it. I had never written or published a book before, but I did it. I had never started a podcast before, and I didn’t have money for it, but I did that too. In fact if you follow my podcast most of them are recorded on my phone using absolutely nothing special. I used the message I wanted to put out there (step 1), and started to develop content around it (step 2). Before I knew it I had recorded over 50 episodes, and it honestly didn’t take that much effort.

Step 3 : Always be out there

If you ask a lot of people what they want out of their marketing the common response is seeing it go viral. What they’re really saying is that they want to spend a lot of time focused on one thing on the off chance it goes viral. Does that happen? Yes, but that’s an anomaly, and good luck guessing what that is, especially if it’s related to your product or brand. Get creative, be consistent in developing and posting content. It’s not always going to be a hit, but people take notice of consistency. The more you post the more likely people are going to start finding you.

Equally, you’ll start it will become easier to do all of this, and you’ll likely start to see an improvement in what and how you produce. A friend of mine once said, “if people don’t know you they can’t have an opinion of you, good or bad.” A bad opinion or a dislike of a brand isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While not everyone will like what you’re doing the hope is that with your message out there enough people who do like you will begin to find you. That’s who you’re ultimately after. You can’t keep chasing everyone down so why bother. Focus on the people who want to buy your product, use your services, follow what you do. In time you might even win over some of your critics in the end.