Looking For Area Leagues

Don’t mistake where Floorball is headed. Despite being a new game in the United States, it is catching hold with a number of leagues growing annually. Floorball fever is upon us.

Given the statistics from USA Floorball there are currently 23 states that have floorball groups or programs operating pick-up games or full leagues.  At this time the top three state with floorball clubs are California, Texas, and Colorado.  It is also likely that there are other groups playing that are not represented.  However, there is continued growth in states like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, and Washington with newer grassroots programs and leagues forming.  The focus for many is providing space to gather, learn, and play.  At the same time there are also a number of opportunities for players to compete in 4v4 and 5v5 tournaments across the country.  In some cases, there are also be opportunities to attend National Team training events.

In California they have the Fresno Floorball League, groups playing throughout the Bay Area, and San Diego.  As for tournaments they host the Golden Gate Cup which saw eight teams from California and Seattle, WA attend.  California also hosts the Floorball Madness tournament in SoCal.  The sport is growing in throughout California, but at this time that growth seems focused on adult leagues.  We were not able to find any information focused on youth development.  We’re hopeful that more youth programs will be developed over time.

Within Texas floorball has been growing for a number of years.  There are developed leagues such as the North Texas Floorball Association that offer weekly pick-up games and leagues. Arlington Floorball also hosts the Lonstar Invitational Floorball Tournament.  Pick-up games and leagues run throughout the area are played 4v4 or 5v5.  Texas has also seen buy in by the NHL’s Dallas Start to help promote floorball throughout the Dallas area as part of their Fitness Stars program.   Depending on the location there are groups that are offering youth programs, but that is limited at this time.

If you don’t live in either of those areas, there are plenty of groups throughout the US that want you to join them.  In 2017 there are planned tournaments in Utah, Colorado, and Wisconsin.  It’s likely we’ll see more coming down the pipe over the next year or so.  Either way the if you’re interested there’s likely a group near you. If not, then you should start a program of your own.

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