Moving Forward through Ups and Downs

Putting a good foot forward is really important to all of us. We want to show others that we’re successful and get things done. In our social media world many people spend a lot of time ensuring that others know they’re successful. For some reason we’re completely afraid of failing and having others see us fail. How often have you heard a business or “influencer” speak about their shortcomings or failures?

I would argue that by and large most don’t. There’s a problem with that. Everything isn’t always going great, and you’re not always closing the big deal. If you’re actually out there trying to do something you’re going to fail and fail big. To me, there’s nothing wrong with that. Failure teaches us far more than successes will in the long-term. Another buzzword, long-term. From the very beginning when I was developing Floorball Guru I was reminded to think about the long-term. When I get down or I’m feeling frustrated I’m reminded of that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re developing a new curriculum, product, or business, you should be constantly thinking about the long-term. When I started Floorball I was nervous about the process. Would people care about what I had to say, or the experience and knowledge I’ve learned? Would it be accepted? Would it succeed? Not to mention the thought of putting myself out there.

As I’m writing this I’ve been actively building the business and sport for three years. It hasn’t been easy. I teach the sport throughout the year building the program through classes, clinics, and camps in my area. I write constantly on the topic trying to come at it from a different perspective, and I try to develop new and useful content to help others get involved in the sport too. I’ve traveled the country speaking in front of large groups and demoing the sport. I’ve done a lot so far to raise awareness about the sport. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, and I know they will keep coming. There’s one thing in particular that keeps me going. I love this sport.

Without a doubt I love this sport. From the very beginning when I found it I had a vision of where it could go. I’ve been working hard since then to make that a reality. Time and time again when I have conversations with others about the sport there is a similar sense. What is a bit frustrating to me is the people who want to talk about it but ultimately do nothing about it. Everyone can find the time if they wanted to. If it was truly a priority they would make the sacrifices to make it happen. I get it. I’ve put programs out there that were a total flop. I put on a clinic one time where I rented a gym, traveled to it, did all the promotion and marketing to have only two people show up.

I’ve developed camps and classes that I had to cancel due to lack of registration. I’ve flown to other states to run an event where no one showed up. At the same time I’ve had programs that were huge successes, and helped further the growth of the sport. Through those experiences I’ve learned a lot, I’ve been more thoughtful in my approach at times, and I’m really aware of what’s working and not working. If I just gave up after a failure what’s the point? I keep going back to that first image of the sport being played in the US at every level, and thriving. Will I see that in my lifetime? Maybe, and maybe not. It still doesn’t stop me from pushing forward, getting things done, and doing my best to make it a reality.

If you’re reading this I know you’ve had similar experiences. If you’re wavering or unsure of your path keep pushing forward. Sometimes the best thing we can do is put our head down, get the work done, and push forward. Know that while a lot of people will look like they’re always doing well and succeeding, while much of that can be true, the truth is you’re not seeing the entire picture. You’re seeing what they choose to present. If you’re struggling with your program, or want to start Floorball let me know how I can help. I’d love nothing more than to see you succeed.