Navigating Instructional Waters

I’ve been involved with a variety of sports as a coach and I’ve been fortunate to have had opportunities to instruct floorball to a variety of people.

During the past winter, I was afforded an opportunity to bring floorball to my city through working as an instructor through the City of Lacey Parks and Rec.  I had been throwing the idea around for some time about developing a floorball curriculum to teach youth players, and when the opportunity came I jumped on it.  Thankfully at the time my job was flexible enough that I could make it work.  Floorball had never been done before so I was interested in what sort of turnout I would see.  The initial offering for the class was broken into four age groups that ran from 45min to 1 hour.  All told by the time the class started I had 23 kids, boys and girls, signed up to learn floorball.

If you’ve ever been an instructor you know that teaching anything sport related over nine weeks is tough.  I was thankful enough to have had enough experience coaching and teaching youth sports to help.  Essentially in using a curriculum and my previous experience I broke down the program by focusing on a certain skill each week.  Since I was dealing with true beginners I spent time each week focused on stick-handling exercises coupled with drills, and ending with scrimmages.

What I found through this class is that if anything the kids were always excited to come to class.  As younger kids are they were a bit difficult to get focused, but they were eager to learn.  Initially I spent time simply showing them how to properly hold the stick in order to be successful.  As the weeks went on it became apparent that floorball was having a positive effect on the children.  Skills and concepts they struggled with initially they were slowly starting to grasp over time.  As any instructor, teacher, or coach seeing your kids learn and grow is what it’s all about.

I’m thankful for any opportunity to instruct and even more so when someone learns something from the time they spent with me.  Having parents open up to me about the changes they see in their children and the impact floorball has on their life make it all worthwhile.  What this nine week class has done for me is help to focus my own goals for floorball in my city.  One of my new goals is to start a youth and adult floorball league.  There’s a lot more work that will go into making that a reality, but I intend to make that a reality.

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