New Year, More Floorball

2019 is upon us. Welcome to the New Year! 2018 saw a lot of great things happen, and we’re excited for what 2019 has in store. 2018 saw a lot of that from traveling the US speaking at conferences, coaching the US at the U19 Women’s World Floorball Championships in Switzerland, various classes,clinics, and leagues formed over the year. The highlight of the year being the Men’s World Floorball Championships, which saw a record attendance for the event, and record attendance (16,276) for the final between Finland and Sweden.

There is a lot to look forward to as we head into 2019. The Women’s qualifiers and championships happen this year along with the U19 Men’s tournament, and a continued ramp up to the 2021 World Games in Birmingham, AL. Floorball has seen recognition with a variety of organizations and events as the link between hockey and floorball continues to grow. It’s an exciting time for the sport of Floorball and 2019 is lining up to be another great year full of surprises.

At Floorball Guru we continue to work hard raising awareness, developing new and unique content, teaching, instructing, and starting new programs. The highlight for us in 2018 was the completion and publication of our book The Floorball Guru Primer which is a great resource to help anyone learn about Floorball, but more importantly how to teach Floorball. This was part of our focus to provide more opportunities for everyone to learn the sport, and have something tangible. There’s a lot of content inside to help grow the game, and we’ve been excited to hear about how it’s being used. During the fall of 2018 we were afforded opportunities to speak and engage at a number of conferences throughout Washington State and Arizona. Leading into 2019 we’ve been invited to a number of conferences to speak about Floorball, most notably the SHAPE America National conference in Tampa, FL. We’re excited about the opportunity to run a train the trainer event for physical education professionals through this event. Hopefully it will be the start of Floorball being taught in schools throughout the US.

A year and a half ago we launched Floorball Guru. In a short amount of time we’ve been blessed to have made an impact on our local community and in the communities around the country. In our own area we started youth instructional classes and a 3v3 youth/adult league that are both growing. What we’ve been creating can be replicated just about anywhere and we hope to be an example for others to start programs. We’re a huge proponent of getting active, and if you’ve been thinking about starting a Floorball program now is the time. If you need support or help we will do what we can. While getting Floorball into schools has value we believe that true growth happens through individuals willing to put in the work to teach, form clubs, form groups and opportunities to play. For everyone reading this we thank you for following along on this journey. We hope that the content we’ve created and continue to create brings you value.  This is only the beginning.  

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