Overcoming barriers

It’s a simple fact that sports bring people together. Sports can bring out the best and unfortunately the worst in us.  In the end if we’re surrounded by people coaching us along and if we pay attention we’ll learn many life lessons through our experiences.

Our experiences as players, coaches, officials, and spectators makes an impact that resonates long after the game is over.  Through these experiences we look to share that with others, specifically our children to pass it along to the next generation.  As a player, official, and coach this sentiment rings true in my life and has shaped who I am as a person.  However, every sport faced challenges starting up and Floorball is no different.

Today sports, especially youth sports, impact a significant amount of kids.  Depending on your age, ability, and location there may be a limited number of options available all vying for the same spaces, time, players, and money.  How does a new sport break onto the scene and fight through the noise for acceptance into the fray?  For many, any new sport poses a potential threat to the current status quo.  Much like a competing business more players in the game potentially threaten the existence of the other.  While it’s not unordinary to feel this way, I view it as an opportunity, and a worthy challenge.  For those willing to accept the challenge, competition breeds innovation, adaptation.  In the end, it’s the consumer who will ultimately decide the fate of both companies.  If players are fleeing one sport to take up another it should signal a clear shift that the new sport is filling a need the other isn’t.

To take its position in the sports world Floorball must overcome some of these barriers including, education, training, development, and space.  Consumers must be educated as to why it’s a beneficial sport, they must be trained how to play the game as intended, leagues and instructional programs must be created to build the level of experience in players, and they must fight for space to play.  One of the distinct advantages Floorball has is that is can be easily picked up with very little training.  Also, Floorball can be played anywhere.  This opens more potential opportunities find unused locations, and by doing so allows for the growth of the sport to happen.

Whatever happens in the future I firmly believe that Floorball is one of many sports that are growing in popularity around the World.  As the sport continues to gain notoriety we will continue to see more education, training, development, and space allotted to future it’s growth.

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