Welcome to Floorball Guru. We’re focused on the education, development, training, and growth of the sport of Floorball. Inside you’ll find a plethora of resources to help you learn, teach, and play this Located in the United States we’re active in our community teaching, building, and starting Floorball programs.

Find out why Floorball is the hottest sport for campus intramurals, municipal parks & recreation departments and private organizations
You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.  Let Floorball Guru help answer questions you have regarding floorball, and what you need to get start floorball in your oirganization.
Floorball isn’t just a game, it’s a community with fans of all ages. Connect with those starting chapters and leagues throughout the world.
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“Welcome To Floorball Guru. As a strong advocate of the beautiful game of Floorball, I’ve had the privilege of playing the game internationally, as well as instructing youth Floorball programs.  Over the past decade I’ve been working to develop youth sports programs, and I’m excited to spread the word about floorball. This website is dedicated to ensuring that every visitors gets the best information possible on how to start their own Floorball chapter and league.”