Replacing Floorball Equipment

If you play floorball enough, you’ll likely be in a position where you’ll need to upgrade or replace worn equipment.

Given the current accessory options available to players and preferences you’ll be able to customize your gear to your preferred specifications.  Floorball companies produce various colors and styles for grips, and blades; and at some point, you’ll need to do some work of your stick.  Overall the processes are straight forward and won’t take up too much of your time to complete.

One you’ve purchased your new grip all you need is about 5-minutes to replace it and get back in the game.  The first step is to remove your old grip.  Grip can be applied differently depending on the brand or style.  If your grip is wrapped, open the tape down closest to the blade and pull it off.  There will likely be residue left over from the glue, so make sure it’s completely removed prior to installing the new grip.  Regardless of the grip, if you need to you can always use a utility knife to cut the grip off.  To add to the new grip always work from the top down.  As you wrap the stick stretch the grip so it will fit tight to the shaft.  Each player has their own preferences on feel and length of grip needed.  When you have found the right length for you, cut the grip and finish it with some electrical tape.  That’s it you’re done and now you can start playing!

Blades are an equally simple process to complete.  While some sticks are build out of one piece with the shaft and blade fused together, the majority are designed so that blades can be removed and replaced.  Like any piece of equipment, the choice and style of blade depends on player preferences and style of play.  Some players may prefer a soft or hard blade, and will need to change out the blade to meet their needs.  It is best to stick to the same blade and shaft brand. What you’ll need to change a blade includes a small heat gun (hair dryer will do), screw driver (this will vary depending on manufacturer as some use hex, square, or philips screws), the new blade and some glue.  After you’ve removed the screws from the blade you’ll need to heat up the glue in side.  Be careful when using heat as it can melt your blade.  Once the glue has softened you’ll be able to slide the blade off the shaft.  Before you add the new blade make sure to add some melted glue to the shaft, and slide the new blade on.  Make sure the blade is seated and the holes line up for the screws.  Once it’s seated properly and in line add the screws and you’re all set.

One nice function to floorball is that there are a variety of choices for player preferences from the performance of the equipment to the color and feel.  This allows you to customize your stick to the way you want it to be.  While it would be great to have, a custom stick built to all our specific needs you can get close this way.  At least it’s a simple process to do.