The Rise of the Trick Shot

There’s something innately unique about people. We want to create in some fashion or another. While the choice of medium will vary for each person it is still art. Juggling balls has been around for a long time. It was only a matter of time until that idea would permeate into the sporting world. Now there are competitions built around keeping a ball off the ground. For some they’ve truly adopted this into an art form. For some reason the idea of juggling a ball seems simple enough. Keep it off the ground by any means necessary. If you add objects to the mix the challenge and ability to create changes even more.

Hockey players have been evolving this concept for years. While done goofing around and having fun the ability to implement such a move is quite the challenge at game speed. What’s evolved over time has become known affectionately as the lacrosse goal. However, Floorball players have been working this skill for some time as well.

In Floorball this is referred as zorroing. Effectively players are able to lift the ball off the ground controlling it in the stick in a similar fashion to cradling a lacrosse ball. Simple concept in theory, but something that takes a lot of practice. It was a matter of time before people started to create. With technology people can post a video and have it reach millions around the world. As a result you have people creating challenges and coming up with insane tricks just to see if they can be done. It has evolved as a challenge to see if other people can mimic that same skill, and they expand on it to create something new. What’s wonderful about this medium is that all of the skills are attainable they just take practice. Once they have mastered the new skill the player can use their own creativity to create something truly unique. Everyone has their own style and when given space and encouragement to explore that style truly wonderful things can happen.

I’m in awe of many of these players. While you can buy a special zorro stick and blade to enhance these tricks not all of them are helpful in a match setting. What’s truly impressive is to see variations of this skill used in a match at match speed. It requires a tremendous amount of skill and timing to make this happen, but when it does the results are astounding. If you’re interested in expanding your skill or simply trying something new give it a shot. You’ll be surprised what you can create when given the space to do so.

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