Separating Signal From The Noise

Floorball, especially when considering which equipment to purchase, can be an undertaking. That is why Floorball Guru exists, to separate the hobbyist education on the various components of the sport from those professional brands and equipment that will help you increase your game on the floor. Floorball is often confused with ice hockey, and there creates the need for differentials between the two games.

Stick-based sports have an education level to them. Floorball is no different than ice hockey and floor hockey.

Throughout my schooling and into college we always played floor hockey.  Due to a love of hockey I was always excited when we got to play hockey in PE, and my brothers and I would normally play street hockey at home.  One year we even froze our driveway and built a rink.  Needless to say our parents were not too thrilled to come home to that.  The problem I ran into when playing was that the equipment was without skates and hockey sticks tended to be too long and cumbersome, and you needed to wear extra equipment, which wasn’t as fun in the summer heat.  Then one day in Kelowna, B.C. I came across Floorball.  Instantly I loved the sport, and noticed that it was a more technical and faster sport.

Floor hockey players tend to need to wear protective equipment and can have a similar aggressive style of play as hockey.  Floorball on the other hand uses lightweight stick and ball, as well as rules of play that promote a safer and less aggressive style of play.  While there is contact in the sport, in general the rules are designed to minimize contact.  Floorball is a universal sport that can be played by anyone regardless of age, or ability.  Unlike a hockey stick, Floorball sticks are sized around the waist, and the rules require stick play to be under the waist. With a lighter stick giving more overall control, and rules helping to keep sticks down makes it a friendlier game.

Another difference pertains to the goalies.  In floor hockey goalies wear the same, or similar equipment that they do in ice hockey.  This equipment can be cumbersome and difficult to manage off the ice.  In floorball goalies wear a mask but they wear lower profile padding on the torso and legs and play primarily from their knees.  Floorball goalies are also allowed to grab the ball within their box and throw the ball to a teammate.  In many cases this style of play can create numerous counter attacking options for the offense.

One of the bigger factors between the two is that overall the cost to get started in Floorball is relatively low in comparison.  A stick and ball is all a player needs to get started, and games can be played on just about any surface making Floorball a versatile sport for hockey organizations, University intramural sports, and Parks and Rec departments.

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