Size of Space Doesn’t Matter

It’s interesting to me the excuses thrown around in regard to starting something. For some the excuse could be money, resources, knowledge, or access to space. All of these can be overcome if you’re willing to be resourceful. I think the most challenge of these is finding consistent space to play.

If you’re looking to start a group to play regularly you’re going to need a place to play. However, don’t let the size of available space deter your from playing. Don’t let anyone tell you that to play Floorball, or any sport for that matter, that you must have the exact field dimensions to play. What I love about sports is that they are malleable and adaptable to the situation and space. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Having that mindset has allowed me to open my mind and see opportunities when they present themselves. It’s that mindset that has afforded me the opportunity to run various sports programs in some interesting locations.

One such location was a church where I was invited to work with a group in Federal Way, WA. The location was a small church in the area where kids had been getting together regularly to learn and play Floorball. The size of the space was rather small, but that didn’t matter to anyone. In fact, given the space and number of people in the space it worked just fine. What stuck me from the beginning was the energy in the room. Every square inch of available space was used. The competition between the players was high, and the future of the sport in the area is encouraging.

This is how the sport grows. It grows in small spaces with eager people looking to learn, grow, and find something new. To explore more about themselves. Right now, people are searching. They’re looking for something to latch on to. They’re looking for purpose, and for many we’ve found that purpose through sport. Floorball can play a part of that process.

I encourage anyone who is looking to play Floorball to look at what’s around you and use what you have. Starting small is just fine. I’d rather start a program with 10 dedicated and enthused participants wanting to come back time and time again, than 100 participants who show up once and never again. Go out, be resourceful and make a difference. Things that start small and are given a chance to grow can indeed make a huge difference in the end. I come back to the line in the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come.” So, get to it and start building.