Speaking at AZHPE Conference

I try to do as much education and promotion on Floorball as I can pending time and resources available to do so. At times I’ve had to be creative with that, and at other times I’ve had to say no to some great conferences and opportunities because things just didn’t work. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. While Floorball isn’t my full-time job pay wise, I do everything I can to grow this sport in my own way. Last fall I was fortunate enough to travel to some amazing conferences and speak about Floorball. One such conference was the Arizona Health and Physical Education conference hosted in Phoenix.

I had never been to Phoenix so getting a chance to travel south from Washington State for some warmer weather in the fall was fun. When you’re living in temps in the low 40’s and get to be in 80’s on the same day is always a nice treat in late fall. I found the conference from a friend back in high school and was part of the group putting on the event. After applying and being accepted I traveled south for the event.

I’ve been to numerous conferences in a number of capacities and it’s always interesting to see how the attendees are at each conference. One of the things I love about the recreation and PE fields is that when you go to a conference you’re doing to meet a lot of fun and energetic people. That translates into the sessions too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for people standing on a stage presenting a topic or material, but I’m much more of a get up and more person. I try very hard to do that when I speak. Sometimes the challenge when I submit a presentation for a conference is getting the organizer to realize that my session is more of an activity, and I need space to get up and move around. That’s the point of what I’m after. I can talk Floorball all day, but I’d rather give people the chance to experiences it, get their hands on, and find an emotional response to it. Floorball has a place in schools, but until we get sticks in hands we’re missing an opportunity.

This conference was also one of the first opportunities to showcase my book on the topic and have those conversations with people about the sport and connecting it to their needs. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to write and publish a book, and I’m hopeful that it’s helpful to those looking to teach the sport.

Going forward I’m interested to see how Floorball will be used in schools. There are some other hurdles that need to be overcome and I’m taking steps to mitigate some of those in the future. The more obstacles removed the more the sport becomes available on a larger scale. I’m thankful for a chance to do that. I thank every Physical Educator out there for the work they do, and if I learned anything from this group is to have an open mind and stay creative with what you have.

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