Spreading the word about Floorball

Floorball is very much a grassroots movement.  While it’s shown much growth throughout Europe and Asia, it is still widely unknown in the sports world.  At least for now.  I believe the tide is turning in favor of Floorball as more and more people are getting exposed to the sport.  Floorball has done a good job of getting the sport into some of the biggest sports events in the world with the ultimate goal of becoming part of the Olympics.  In order to continue its march toward relevance Floorball must continue to spread the word.

In order to do that Floorball needs more and more advocates to grow.  I’m thankful enough to have met so many wonderful people who have found a passion for Floorball.  What’s interesting is that we have all come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but our belief is the same.  Everyone involved in Floorball wants to see it continue to grow.  If you’ve ever met some of these people you’ll quickly get a sense on how passionate they are about the sport.  All of them want to see more and more people catch the Floorball fever.  Some have gone on to start various business ventures, while others have formed Floorball groups and clubs.  For a sport that’s growing, this base of people is vital for long-term development.

If you’re part of the education, recreation, teaching, programming, or youth sports worlds you’re probably starting to see more information out there about Floorball.  We’re seeing more companies and people starting to attend conferences and do demonstrations about Floorball around the country.  Some companies are setting up booths at conventions, others are running demos, speaking and presenting at conferences. All of this is designed to engage people about Floorball.

All of these efforts are an important piece of the puzzle to build awareness and hopefully develop more passionate Floorball people.  While I might disagree with some on the approach to spreading the word in the end it doesn’t matter too much as long as people are getting exposed to the sport.  We have to be out there, talking about it, showing people what it is, and raising awareness.

Floorball faces an uphill battle.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone.  The sports world is a crowded space with any number of sports clamoring for people’s attention.  Just looking at the sports competing in the World Games and you’ll probably find a handful of sports you never knew existed.  These are all sports fighting to become known, build participation, and continue to stay relevant in today’s world.  Each sport has its own dedicated base all pushing for similar goals.  The challenge for all is to showcase why their sport deserves the attention.

I think Floorball has all the ingredients to become a force in the sports world.  It is fun, fast, inclusive, great cardio vascular activity, and more importantly fun to play and watch.   If you’re reading this and already have a passion for the sport I hope you’re already spreading the word.  I encourage you to continue to do so.  Get creative in how you present this sport.  Look for any opportunity to get in front of people and groups.  It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.  Just keep pushing forward and good things will happen.

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