Starting a Podcast

When I started Floorball Guru I spent a lot of time focused on writing and developing written content. From my blogs that go out weekly to eventually writing and publishing my book “the Floorball Guru Primer”. There was a lot to be done, and a lot that I had to say. I continue to write blogs and it’s become something I really enjoy. While writing works, I still wanted to create more. In stepped podcasting

Podcasting was always an interesting thing to me. I have never really been big on listening to podcasts. Not that I don’t like them I just need to be in the right environment or frame of mind to listen to podcasts. For me, music tends to be my go to when I’m working. I always have something playing in the background. I’ve found I tend to enjoy it, but a lot of times it’s just background noise helping me focus.

Initially I was somewhat intimidated by podcasting. I wasn’t sure what it would be, how it would turn out, and I didn’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are a number of resources out there on the topic. What I struggled with in the beginning was finding something that I could use easily and affordably. I wasn’t prepared to spend a lot of money on equipment for this. I wanted to start out and see how it went.

I stumbled across the app anchor. What I like about this app is that I can record directly from my phone, upload the content through the app and then I have a podcast. It was pretty simple. The next step was figuring out how I wanted to present the blog. I had seen and heard of podcasts that lasted 30-60 minutes. That didn’t sound like something I wanted to do. Aside from providing quality entertainment across that time, the sheer amount of time spent on it wouldn’t work for me.

Eventually I landed on 10 minutes, or the Floorball 10. Right now it’s me talking; I haven’t broken into interviews yet. I felt that keeping it to 10 minutes would not only give me enough talking points to cover, but also encourage people to listen because it’s 10 minutes. Some of my episodes are longer, but I believe the longest one is around 15minutes. It truly depends on the topic and what I want to say or present. In most cases my goal is to share some knowledge. Maybe a tip or trick on something I’ve learned. Like the other content I create I wasn’t sure if anyone would listen.

Currently I’ve produced over 80 episodes talking about any number of topics, but all related in some form to Floorball. What has surprised me is my audience. Seeing and hearing feedback from listeners across the world is humbling. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and support. My hope is to continue the conversation. Continue my own learning, and continue sharing my struggles and successes. Hopefully it encourages, helps, and supports someone else in their own path.