Stepping down doesn’t mean giving up

As part of my Floorball journey I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have some amazing experiences. Starting a business has been a great part of that journey. The top moments, and ones I’ll always cherish are getting to represent USA as a player on the Men’s team and as coach of the U19 Women’s Team.

Both opportunities to represent my country came out of somewhat random circumstances. For the Men’s team it was a call for players interested to play. Upon selection I trained and traveled to Latvia. If you haven’t been I highly recommend. It was an amazing event playing in the Riga Cup. That trip was the launching point for where I am today.

The next one came as an opportunity to coach the U19 Women’s Team. What an amazing opportunity to work with some amazing coaches, and be around some amazing ladies. I will forever fondly remember the trip to Switzerland living in a bunker to coach in the World Floorball Championships. There were a lot of challenges and a lot of successes.

One of the hardest decisions in my Floorball journey I’ve had to make was the day I decided to step down as U19 coach. It was not a decision taken lightly, but was one that I felt I needed to make. The biggest part of that decision was my business, and my family. As much as I loved being part of that team I knew that something had to give. Unfortunately, that meant I would need to step down as coach.

 For those unaware, specifically speaking, the U.S. National Team players, and their coaches, pay their way to travel, train, and coach. While this is a challenge for all, it is a burden, and a huge hurdle to compete internationally. Aside from costs there serves a large problem, especially on the U19 Women’s side. Finding, training, and developing players. Floorball is already an unknown sport so trying to find players willing to pay, travel, and be competitive is an issue.

With that, in 2019 I made the decision to step down and focus solely on my mission of growing the sport of Floorball. I also believe that to grow the sport of Floorball we must build from the bottom up. We need to spend more time developing programs to build and sustain players developing in the U.S. to ultimately move into the National Team programs. The vast majority of players on the US hail from outside North America. While it’s natural to draw players living and playing in areas where Floorball is established, I feel need focus on developing players in the US.

That’s where I stand. My experience coaching was amazing, and something I’ll always cherish. Should an opportunity to coach again come my way I would certainly consider it. It’s an honor to be in that position. For right now I think my skills and experience are best served building and growing youth players. Who knows, maybe one of the kids who’ve I’ve been able to teach and develop might get their shot to represent their country playing Floorball.