Floorball Stick Sizing

If there’s one question I get from people it’s usually around what stick they should buy. That question isn’t always an easy one to answer because everyone has preferences. As you begin to search for floorball sticks you’ll likely find any number of sticks with varying prices and functions.  Beginner sticks tend to fall in a price range of about $30-50 and tend to have more flex in the shaft.  This information can be found sometimes in the description of the stick (Salming 32, etc.).  On the other end of the spectrum you’ll find professional level sticks fall in a price range of $150-230.  What’s the difference and why would I spend that kind of money?  The main reason to purchase a professional level stick is that it does provide an increase in performance.  As you develop as a player you’ll begin to find what works for you and a professional level stick will help increase your skills and playing abilities.  A professional level stick will also have a variety of options from stick flex, type of grip, and coupled with the right style of blade can make a positive impact in your game.

If they happen to know a few things like their style of play it’s easier to direct them. However, a much easier question to answer is what size stick is best for you?In an instructional setting, it is important to take time to properly size the stick to the participant and ascertain whether the player is right-handed or left-handed.

When introducing this concept some players may already know how they hold the stick; if not, there are a few tricks to quickly assess this in a large group setting. The key is comfort for the player. They may assume they are right-handed, but they may be more comfortable playing left-handed. Have players grab the stick. If their right hand is closest to the end of the stick the stick will fall to the left side of the body, meaning they use a left-handed stick. Talk to the player and encourage them to find out what is most comfortable for them to play with. At the very lest have them try one and see what happens. Doing it this way can make it a bit more obvious which side they prefer.

Choosing a stick is an investment in the sport and you want to make sure you have the proper tools to be successful. A stick that’s too short or too long can hamper the learning process because you’re not able to maximize your play. You can get buy with a bit longer stick, but it’s much harder for taller players to play with shorter sticks. Be thinking about that as you plan out what you’re looking to buy. If you’re buying a stick for your kid err on the side of a little bit longer knowing they’ll likely hit a growth spurt in the relative future. It should be at their chin, but if it’s a bit above the belly it’ll work just fine. Go out and find that stick for you. If you’re looking for your first stick check out what we have to offer for individuals, schools, and programs in our online shop.