Adding Floorball to your Repertoire

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy playing multiple sports to suit your interests and needs. Growing up I played just about anything I could get my hands one. This became important in my personal development and if the topic itself has become more common place in media. Whether you’re an individual or an organization you should at the very least consider adding Floorball to your repertoire.

As an individual there are many benefits to playing or learning to play Floorball. The physical benefits of running are clear, which I enjoy because I need a reason to run. It’s one reason I enjoy sports so much. Cardio is an important component to our lives and Floorball focuses on both endurance and quick burst movements, which is important to develop in most sports. If you’ve chosen a preferred sport and are looking for something else to keep your physical skills in tune during the off-season Floorball is certainly one to look at.

By playing multiple sports players can not only take a break and recharge, but in the process; they’re working new muscles both physically and mentally. While many players focus on developing physically they may not realize how they’re developing mentally. Some call this development athletic IQ. An athlete with a higher IQ in this area can use that to their advantage in any number of scenarios. There lies the true benefit. The more situations a player is exposed to the better they will be able to read the field and hopefully make the proper decisions in the moment. This is a long-term skill, but the exposure of multiple sports and factors can help in this development.

While there are benefits to adding Floorball to an individuals’ repertoire, the same can be said of an organization. In today’s market many organizations are working to stay ahead of the curve. If they’re a pay to play organization the heat is always on to attract new customers while attaining current ones. This requires businesses of this nature the challenge of keeping up with current trends in the market, while trying to read what will increase business. There are many variables to account for, but if there is a building involved one of the key focuses is to maximize it’s use. For many areas everyone has the same old standards for sports. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I would argue that there is a market that is being missed. Will Floorball be the answer to all? No. However, I believe if given a proper chance with the correct training and education it will begin to take hold on a massive scale.

I’ve seen the beginnings of this first hand through my own programs. I’m not one to just talk, I’m actively working on these things myself. I’ve started classes, leagues, camps, and clinics along the way. I’ve seen a very clear market for this sport. For those looking for something a little different and a way to offer more options for customers within the space you already have, Floorball is certainly worth a look. I hope you will give it a chance, and if there is a way I can help you I would love to have the opportunity to do so.

Don’t give away your value

Anytime you start something new you will face naysayers.  In many cases these people will come from those closest to you.  These same people will likely come to you with what they believe are good intentions to deter and discourage you from pursuing, or pushing forward in your new venture.  While many people want to say they support your new venture many will not.  Frankly there’s nothing wrong with that.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions whether they should share it or not.  The challenge you will face is to either bow to the criticism or push past it.  If you’ve started a business, program, or venture most won’t be able to see the vision that you see.  You must show it to them your value.

When starting my business I was routinely asked by my mentor and friend a simple question.  What does success look like? Success for everyone is defined differently. Does success in a venture mean money or a specific amount of money? Does it me freedom to do what you wish? Does it mean having the ability to bring value to other people? Here’s the trick to the question. Whatever success looks like to you own it. The main step is taking steps to answer that question.   When you do answer it move onto the next piece that will take you even further.

As your business or venture progresses, and you’re doing the right things to cause a ruckus, people will begin reaching out to you.  You may be surprised and encouraged that you’re making an impact, but be careful.  I want to see the good in people, and I hope that people act in good faith.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  People will see what you’re doing and will look to steal it and claim it as their own. Don’t fear it happening work to make sure that you’re the better product on the market. That means you need to prove yourself time and time again.

Another person and/or business may come to you under a clouded veil.  They may offer you something, or frankly nothing, but in return they want to gain access to the network and value that you’ve created.  Watch out for these people.  Every time this comes up take time to step back and evaluate what’s being offered, and what you may be giving up in return.  If the opportunity doesn’t benefit you pass on it. A good partnership should benefit both parties.  If someone wants to use your services they should be willing to pay for it.  If they’re not, then they’re not really interested and may be looking to get something for nothing. It’s one thing if you’re priced out of the market. Depending on the market you’re after make sure you know where you land. If your focus is on the high end then make sure you’re services reflect your pricing. If the value is there your customers will come in time.

I once had someone word for word copy and paste my blog onto their website and tried to claim it as their own.  When I confronted them about it they tried to make it sound like they were doing me a favor.  Mind you, they had not asked for permission to do so, and in most cases people never will regardless of copyright.  My initial reaction was to say that it was a simple mistake.  While I’ll never know whether that was true I fought them on it.  Eventually they took the information down, but I wouldn’t have known what steps to take without support from my business mentor.  Knowing the value, you bring comes with having a solid group of people around you.  This group of people have no stake in your business, but are there to fight alongside of you and help you protect it.

If people are attacking you don’t run from the attack, embrace it.  People usually don’t care what’s going on outside of their own lives.  If they’re taking the time to attack you then you’re clearly doing something right.  Keep your head down and push forward.  Don’t stop for anything and be willing to fight when the time calls.  Whether you know it or not, there are people out there that want to see you succeed. Keep at it.