Taking over High School P.E.

As part of the purpose to Floorball Guru I spend a lot of time getting out and getting Floorball in front of people.  There’s a huge amount of people to educate about Floorball.  One of my current functions is education, and I’ve found that this role is an important facet of how I’ve chosen to get involved.  It takes a lot of effort to get anything off the ground, let alone convince someone that your idea is worth learning about.  I’m thankful to anyone who will listen, especially those of you who have taken the time to sit down and read through this article and other articles I’ve written.  It takes an incredible amount of time to formulate a list of ideas and topics on which to explore and discover.  I wish I could say it’s been an easy process along the way, but it hasn’t.  It’s taken an enormous amount of time and effort, but one that’s been a labor of love.  Simply put, I love Floorball, and all of the wonderful things that come with it.  I think anyone willing to put time and effort into a venture or business, putting themselves out there is a great thing.  Competitor or not, it takes a lot of risk to start a business and do all of the work behind the scenes to hopefully make it happen.  While I may choose not to work with a business for any number of reasons I very much respect the person for taking on the venture.

In this manner I’m thankful to anyone who will give me a chance.  Sometimes that means doing work with nothing in return.  At times people reach out to me and invite me into their world to share my passion.  At times I’m able to connect Floorball to kids at all ages, but when it’s inside of a school that’s a privilege.   I was asked to come into Black Hills High School in Tumwater, WA twice to take over their physical education program for the day.  All told as a result of that day I’m able to actively engage over 120 students about Floorball.  Traditionally they play floor hockey, or a variation of it.  By coordinating with their P.E. teacher we’re able to introduce a new sport to the kids.

In a typical session time is likely limited.  When I’m working with a new group I want to make sure they have a general background about the sport, and cover some basic rules on the game and safety protocols.  In all honesty no one wants to hear anyone drone on about this and that, especially in the P.E. setting.  Simply having a new sport, teacher, etc. it’s enough to get people a bit more excited about what they’re going to be doing.  All told I spend 5-10min. covering this information.  While it’s intended for the students what I’m really doing is helping sell the sport to the teacher.  I want to show them how easy it is to set up, get people playing, and how safe it is.  I can’t be everywhere and teach everything so I have to break it down in a fashion so they can see themselves teaching it to their students.

What we found in being able to take over the classes was more engagement by the students.  As the students were playing I routinely engaged the teacher asking him questions with the goal of getting him to see the value Floorball had on his students, but also to give him the confidence that he could teach this sport effectively to his students.  We made sure to end each session asking the students for their feedback.  We asked what they liked and didn’t like, whether they preferred floor hockey or Floorball.  By engaging the students, and the teacher were very excited about Floorball, and I think in the end at the very least I hope I was able to engage a few students.  Who knows, maybe through that experience we’ll see them become advocates and engaged in Floorball.

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