Taking hold of the value

One of main aspects to Floorball Guru, if you haven’t noticed yet, is we’re focused on educating anyone and everyone about Floorball.  It’s a challenge to educate people and help them see what you see.  It’s a path laid with skepticism, failure, but in so many ways a positive path to learning and growth.  Floorball has a number of benefits that make it an applicable and enjoyable sport for all ages and abilities.  The hardest aspect to any new sport or venture is education.  If no one knows it exists it doesn’t do any good.  You could have the best product out there, but if people can’t find or know where to buy, and why to buy you’re missing out.  For Floorball this is part of the challenge, and there are many people out there working to change that though even that is a challenge in and of itself.

A little known fact about me is I have a twin brother who lives in Nashville, TN. Nashville is great city, and has a great fan base built for hockey, specifically the NHL’s Predators.  When I got involved in Floorball I initially thought of my brother and how much time we spent playing stick sports in the driveway.  We even pulled a hose out and froze half of our parent’s driveway with our older brother one winter.  Dad wasn’t super happy but it was fun either way.  As we spoke about Floorball and I got a stick in his hands he began to see opportunity with the sport.  He’s been active in trying to educate and get people aware of the sport, but it’s a challenge for him.

For starters no one around him has equipment.  I bought him sticks as a Christmas present, but he can only do so much with that. How can you sell a program if you don’t have equipment? You’re hoping that someone else sees the value and is willing to give it a shot, but that’s not the norm.  I’ve looked into community grants, corporate programs, but those have their own challenges.  At one point the International Floorball Federation had a grant available where clubs and organizations could apply for an amount of equipment to get them started.  I know a group in Utah that did this and it’s helped them grow in their ability to expose more kids to Floorball.  They’re doing quite well with the development there.  While not everyone has those same options it’s important to be active in seeing what’s out.  In the end it may require a bit of investment, or finding others to invest in your idea to get it done.

In business and life we’re presented with opportunities to engage.  In many cases we get to choose whether we engage with it or not.  Sometimes that can lead to positive things, while other times it’s negative.  For many the negative aspect is a fear of failure.  Failure to try, to put themselves out there and not have a positive outcome.  Like many of you I’ve had those experiences and continue to have those experiences.  It doesn’t stop me from trying, pushing and working to make a difference.  To see my vision of this sport and what it can become, and the benefits that it brings and will bring to so many.  While in many cases it’s difficult to make a financial investment it doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.  Go out and talk about your passions.  Find like minded people and surround yourself with them.  Above all else stay positive.  There’s nothing worse than being around someone who is negative.  I’m not talking about someone who’s cautious or someone challenging an idea.  I’m talking about someone who only sees the negative, doesn’t offer solutions to the problem, takes no responsibility, and isn’t invested in your idea.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.  Stay positive, have fun, work your tail off, and you never know where it will lead.

For those reading this what’s stopping you?  Money can be found, loaned, and invested.  If you’re a facility, what people and departments can you bring together to maximize available resources?  If you’re a hockey program, how can you use Floorball to increase overall participation and engagement to your brand?  Think outside the box, be creative, and don’t stop pushing forward. As soon as we get comfortable we stop evolving.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who when given the opportunity to try Floorball doesn’t see the value in it.  Usually it’s the people who have never tried it who immediately dismiss it.  Those people are always out there.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Keep at it, stay creative, and I fully believe that good things will come in the end.  Too often we want the immediate, but in reality you have to play the long game.  It will work out in the end.

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