Teach Floorball

Whenever I’m with a group instructing Floorball there’s usually a standard set of games or drills that I almost always go to. These activities I’ve found to be a quick and fun way to engage anyone while introducing some fundamentals of the sport. As I’ve taught more the list of go to activities has increased. The main reason these activities are my go-to is that they involve minimal rules and can be quickly explained.

Having the ability to move a group of 5-50 from direction to action takes a lot of skill. I’m someone who tries not to talk very much. I feel that you must explain the activity efficiently and then get moving. Having spent a lot of time evaluating other instructors I find that those who don’t have this skill down tend to struggle more.

In talking less, you are forcing yourself to fully understand what you’re asking. If your instructions are drawn out your activity might be too complicated. More complicated games and drills are still fun but depending on your audience they may not be ready for that. You’ll need to tailor your instruction to the audience. I’ve had many instances where I thought I gave clear instructions only to have the activity fall flat. Be ok with that. Bring the group back together. Go over the directions again, and if it works great. If it doesn’t move on.

Being a good coach/instructor takes time. It requires knowledge and a willingness to learn. I love to watch instructors teach. I may not prefer their method or style, but there’s always something I can takeaway and learn from. The more instructors you watch the more tools you’ll have to be a better instructor.

Here’s an example of a game that’s always a favorite of my students.

This game I call Zombies and can be found in my book “The Floorball Guru Primer” (found on my website and on amazon). This game incorporates many facets of Floorball including, dribbling, defense, and active movement. This tends to be one of the first few activities I do with a group. It’s a great way to build on skills, and get people moving quickly.

The object is simple. Designate a zombie. Their job is to create more zombies by stealing human’s floorball ball and putting it into the net. You can have as many nets as you like. That’s it. Personally, I add a few things before we start. I remind players they can’t come in swinging when they try to steal the ball. Or, that they’re not a zombie until the ball is in the net. My intent is to plant seeds so when those things happen, they react to the situation properly.

As you’re reading this, I hope you’re already thinking of some of your own go-to games. Now, get out there and start teaching.