The Importance of a Solid Back Office

Many people enjoy sports, and many have made a career out of playing and working in the field of athletic competition.  There are countless organization across the world dedicated to building athletic competition across a vast array of sport disciplines.   As for the sport of floorball we will continue to see it permeate the sports world as more and more people come to find that is exists.  While some organization are already suited to add floorball to their sports offerings it is likely that many more will pop up dedicated to floorball.  I feel that floorball will follow the same path as many burgeoning sports such as soccer, lacrosse, and rugby.  As you read this you might even be planning a floorball club or league yourself.  How do you get started?

Many of these answers will be relatively the same, but will vary based on what state you live in.  A large amount of club teams and sports leagues position themselves as non-profit organizations, and there are a number of resources out there to assist you in the development of your organization.  It will be vital to make sure that you go through the proper steps and file the necessary documents.  Another important step to consider is how you plan to structure the organization and the league.  Who you involve in the administration of your organization and/or league should bring value and have skills sets the complement each other.  In many cases these individuals will be volunteers, however, it’s a good idea to have someone on the payroll who is a professional in that area (i.e. lawyer, accountant, etc.) to ensure that the organization has checks and balances, but also that it’s following all state and federal laws.

While these steps are important it’s what you do moving forward that will help with the growth of your club or league.  In the age of technology there are a number of resources out there to assist in the day to day operations when running a club or league.  The key is setting up the framework using a website or registration program in order to attract and inform your customers.  The struggle with this is weeding through the vast amount of software programs out there.  If you’re not careful you’ll likely spend more money on a program than you need, or can afford.

As a recreation professional I have been in the beginning stages of program development many times.  What I’ve found is that it’s important to find a software program that will work for you.  What are willing to spend?  What features are important to you, and how does the software integrate with your current website and operations?  The most important aspects for me revolve around how easy it is for me to navigate on the back end, and how easy it is for my customers to navigate on the front end.  While there is a learning curve in the beginning over time the amount these programs should create less administration work not more.  At Floorball Guru we can assist you in making those decisions and helping you find what will work for your organization.

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